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Michael Jaurigue and Cats

Meet our main pet sitter, Michael Jaurigue. He's the heart and soul behind Sparky Steps, leading a journey fueled by a deep passion for animals and genuine love for our furry companions. Co-founding Sparky Steps alongside Laurie Adams in 2016, the inspiration came from a special member of the family – Sparky, our beloved pup. Though Sparky is no longer with us, his spirit lives on in the mission we hold dear. 

A true Chicagoan, Michael's roots run deep in the city he calls home. With an unwavering dedication to the well-being of animals, he envisioned a company that not only provides exceptional care for pets but also contributes to the welfare of the Chicago community. Michael's love extends beyond traditional pets; he finds joy in working with exotic animals, showcasing his commitment to the diverse world of animal companionship.

Born and raised in the vibrant neighborhoods of Chicago, Michael's dream is to create a positive impact on the lives of both pets and their owners. Sparky Steps isn't just a pet-sitting service; it's a testament to Michael's commitment to raising awareness for adopting shelter animals and creating a community that prioritizes the welfare of every furry friend.

With Michael at the helm, Sparky Steps is not just a service; it's a promise to care for your fur-babies with the same love and dedication that inspired the inception of this remarkable journey. Trust us to treat your pets like family, because, for Michael, each wagging tail and gentle purr is a cherished part of the Sparky Steps story.

Maaya Yamauchi

Maaya Yamauchi is a contributor and previous pet sitter and partner here at Sparky Steps. We thank you for your years of service.

Laurie Adams

Laurie Adams is a Co-Founder and honorary pet sitter here at Sparky Steps. Thank you for the inspiration.

Carrie Pallardy

Carrie Pallardy is a contributor to our amazing blog. Prolific writer and editor here at Sparky Steps.

Brian Boros

Brian Boros is a contributor here at Sparky Steps. Helped with the formation of the company in the early days.


Karamjit assists with our Digital Marketing here at Sparky Steps.


Anmol assists with our Graphic Designs here Sparky Steps. 


Therese assists with our Accounting and Bookkeeping.

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