Sparky Steps Social Mission Help Shel

Our social mission is to help animals find a forever home.

Our #SPARKandBARK Movement!

Our social mission is to help animals find forever homes. Inspire action to go out , volunteer, donate, educate, and make a difference! We care about the animals that have homes and the ones that don't. We believe every one can make a difference in the lives of dogs, cats, and humans. To put it simply, life is better with a furry best friend and we want to share that joy with others. Join us in our Spark and Bark Movement! To join all you have to do is follow these three simple steps.

1. Create the SPARK!

Find an animal out there looking for a forever home. The best way is to volunteer at your local animal shelters. Did you know it's easy to volunteer and give back at your local animal shelter?  Walk a few dogs, care for a few cats, and help out!


Take some pictures of the animals you found that need a forever home. It could be a selfie shot or a portrait of them. Try to make them shine!

3. BARK to your friends!

Share your experience on your favorite social media platform! This way it heightens the animals chances of getting seen and finding their forever home! Use the hashtags; #adoptme #foreverhome #sparkandbark #sparkysteps. Be sure to tag us; @sparkysteps so we know your apart of our mission!

There are so many ways to make a difference. For instance you can donate your time to a shelter that needs help. You can also donate and raise money to an organization that is making a difference. On social media you can share links to your friends to encourage them to adopt. You can also out our shop! 10% of your purchase goes directly to our partner organizations. The simple fact is, there are so many ways to hep, it's up to you to take the action.

Our Sparky Steps Goal

Every last Saturday of the month we plan to meet to walk shelter dogs! If you would like to meet up with us please contact us and let us know! Exercise, make new friends, and perhaps help to find a shelter animal a forever home!

Chicago Canine Rescue Volunteer Information: To walk dogs, you must sign up with the shelter, link below! Please follow CDC guidelines to stay safe!

For more information about the Shelter we go to visit: See you there!

Can't join us?

Head to your nearest shelter when you’re free and volunteer on your own time! Be sure to use the HashTag #SparkAndBark and Tag Us @sparkysteps

The year isn't over yet. There's still time to make a difference. The time is now!