4 Tips To Keep Your Pet Flea Free!

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4 Tips To Keep Your Pet Flea Free!

4 Tips To Keep Your Pet Flea Free!


Keeping pets flea-free should be a top priority for any pet owner. Our best tip for this is to contact a pest control company such as https://integrumservices.co.uk/ to take care of the flea infestation. A professional will have all the equipment needed to keep your pet flea-free and will have access to all the insecticides needed to make sure your animals are no longer in danger. However, we know that cost can sometimes be an issue so we would recommend following the four tips below if you want to do it yourself - but first, some information on fleas!


Adult fleas are tiny (2mm in size) wingless insects, with flat and red-brown, with backwardly directed spines and legs intended for jumping.


Adult Fleas are parasitic, living on warm-blooded animals like cats and dogs. The females deposit their eggs after feasting on the infected animal. Fleas can live up to two years, during which time they can lay 1000 eggs. Eggs drop onto the floor and the animal's bedding. Some days the eggs will expand into larvae. When fully grown the larvae spin well-concealed silken cocoons. When fully developed the adult waits within this until it detects the vibrations caused by a potential host.


1. Pet maintenance

Our first tip for keeping your pets flea-free would be to use a veterinary-approved flea product on your pet. Flea product is best to be done regularly to stop pets from becoming infected by fleas. Although veterinary approved flea products will be a slightly more expensive cost than the other options - we still highly recommend it if you want to keep your pets free from fleas.


2. Vacuuming

The second tip to make sure your pets do not become infested with fleas is to vacuum the area your pets move around. If you have carpet in your home, you must keep the area clean. Do not forget to vacuum the furniture too! Vacuuming will make sure to clean up any nesting area that fleas may have found, plus you'll keep your home looking beautiful.


3. Washing

Number 3 will make sure fleas leave your pets alone! I would recommend to regularly wash your pet's bedding, blanket, and other washable items in the hottest water possible. Washing the material of the pet will make sure to kill any fleas that may have found a warm, safe place to lay their eggs.


4. Gardening

Our final tip! If you have a garden at home, we will recommend keeping your garden neat and tidy by mowing your lawn and raking up any leaves, grass, or bush clippings. The long grass in your back garden is a safe place for fleas to flourish and when your dog or cat takes a break - that is when they will strike!


Written by Sophie Williams


Image by Alberto García from Pixabay 


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