Bringing Your Dog to Work: How to Create a Dog-Friendly Office

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Sparky Steps - Bringing Your Dog to Work - How to Create a Dog-Friendly Office

Bringing Your Dog to Work: How to Create a Dog-Friendly Office

You’re off to work…but poor Roxie is watching you with those sad puppy-dog eyes as you head for the door. She hates when you go, and you don’t like to leave her all day, but what else can you do? Unless… Believe it or not, some of the top companies in the U.S., including Amazon, PetSmart, and Uber, offer pet-friendly environments year-round. From complementary poop bags to on-site dog parks, these companies go all-out to make separation anxiety a thing of the past. If you’re lucky enough to work for one of these companies, Roxie will never have to spend a day without you! If you’re a business owner or your company has graciously offered to join some of these and other companies in allowing its employees to bring their fur babies to work, how can you make sure that you make your office space as pet-friendly as possible? Take a look at some things you can and should do to ensure that you, your puppy, and others are as comfortable and safe as possible in your new dog-friendly workplace.


Who Let the Dogs IN? Getting Started on a Dog-Friendly Work Environment

Congratulations! You’ve taken the expression “work like a dog” to heart and have decided to open your office to your employees’ canine kids. So, what should you do first? Ask yourself some important questions, such as: will dogs in the workplace cause a distraction that could harm production? Are there employees working in the office who are afraid of dogs? Or is any employee allergic to dogs? Once you have determined that making your office dog-friendly is a go, set a policy and stick with it. Get employees’ input, both those who have dogs and those who don’t, and establish rules for both dogs and their owners. Bailey chew up some important papers more than once? Bailey is banned from the office. Or, did Mollie’s owner not pick up after her on more than one occasion? Mollie is not invited back to the office. Other things to consider or do when getting started:
  • Set boundaries. Designate areas of the office and outside as dog-free zones
  • Make sure that all dogs allowed in the office are trained on at least basic commands
  • Ensure that dogs have no history of aggression
  • Have employees submit proof of up-to-date vaccinations
  • Find out if your building’s landlord will permit dogs on the premises


The Best Pet-Friendly Ideas for Your Office: Paws Down!

The American Kennel Club (AKC) recommends that you first bring dogs in on leashes and get them familiar with the surroundings and your co-workers. There’s lots of new things for Trixie to explore, so let her get used to all the overwhelming stimuli before you cut her loose. Got an open trash can in the office? Computer cable and electrical cords running here and there? Any office supplies lying around that a pup would enjoy chewing on? Lidded trash cans, bundled cables and wires zip-tied and possibly suspended under each desk, and supplies stored on shelves or in closets would be good ways to start puppy-proofing your office space. Or, you could put kiddie gates up at the entrance to each cubicle to keep Snoopy away from valuable work papers, supplies, and other important things they might like to sink their teeth into. And that would of course include food. Many offices order in lunch, or have snacks available. Make sure your dog can’t get to these (especially if they’re chocolate!). Water bowls, dog beds, and poop bags are all must-haves when you’re creating a dog-friendly office. And for safety purposes, you should designate pet-free areas. Your dog shouldn’t be allowed to roam free through the office or lie around wherever he/she pleases to avoid an obvious tripping hazard.

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Written by Harrison Howe

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