French Bulldogs: A Breed Guide

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Fun with French Bulldogs: A Breed Guide


French bulldogs are one of the most popular small dog breeds. Often referred to as Frenchies, these petite pups are known for their perky bat-like ears, adorably wrinkly faces and small, stocky bodies. An easygoing and adaptable breed, French bulldogs are loveable companions. Learn more about the breed’s history and unique characteristics.


European Roots


French bulldogs actually originated in England. The breed is actually a toy version of the much larger English bulldog. Frenchies have a colorful history, serving as companions to lace makers in and conversation starters in brothels in France, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC).  The breed made its debut at the Westminster show in 1896 and began to pop up in the United States.


The Quintessential Lap Dog


Frenchies are the perfect size for curling up on your lap. The breed weighs less than 28 pounds and is usually just about a foot tall, according to the AKC. These small pups have a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years,


The coat on these dogs is pretty short and velvety smooth. This breed comes in a few different colors, including white, a pale beige referred to as fawn and brindle. Such a short coat is pretty low maintenance. Brushing once a week and the occasional bath will keep your Frenchie groomed and happy. 


Frenchies are certainly not a hyperactive breed, but they do still require some exercise to keep them in shape. Regular walks and trips to the dog park can help this breed blow off some steam. When they are at home, your Frenchie will likely be warm and affectionate.


French Bulldog Health


Many purebred dogs are prone to certain health conditions, such as hip dysplasia. Brachycephalic syndrome is one of the primary health concerns in French bulldogs. The cute squashed face that makes the breed so recognizable can actually result in difficulty breathing. This means Frenchies cannot swim without sinking, and their owners need to be careful that these dogs do not overexert themselves in hot weather.


Living with a Frenchie


Frenchies are a popular option for people living in the city. You don’t need a yard and lots of open space to keep this breed happy. But, Frenchies are pretty adaptable to their environment. If you give them plenty of pets and attention, your pup will find themselves right at home with you pretty much anywhere.


Check out Chicago French Bulldog Rescue if you are interested in finding a Frenchie of your own.


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