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We interviewed Anna Foster from Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA, with her pets Drama and Fergie, A.K.A. Dramieandfergie_ on Instagram!

Tell us about Drama and Fergie!

“My dog drama is my service dog. I’ve had her since the day she was born. She went to college with me and lived in the dorms. She goes to school with me and to the grocery store. It was just me and her for a while. Then I decided to get another dog for some more company when I’m not around. That’s how we got Fergie. Fergie is sassy, crazy, and very lovey. We couldn’t imagine life without her now. She loves to ride in the car and has learned to love to stick her head out of the window like her big sister. She makes her occasional appearance to school also. They love the dog park and playing fetch. Love being outside and going for walks and will do anything for a treat.”

Who are you? What are you about!

“I am very passionate about making my dogs feel like they are family, so loved, and well taken care of. A dog is a lifetime commitment and it hurts me to see people want puppies and when they grow up and become a dog they get abandoned. I will love my dogs till the very end and will give them the best life that I possibly can.”

Where did you meet?

“I have had drama since she was born. It was an amazing experience being there when she was born and creating a bond with her ever since Fergie was posted on Facebook to rehome. She was three months old and her owner was allergic to her. So, I got her last October and she is the perfect addition to our family.”

Tell us a story!

" Drama and Fergie are both very sassy dogs. They are divas for sure. They are spoiled and know how to work their puppy dog eyes. They are both very energetic dogs. They love to play with us and each other. They love the park and to go hiking. Fergie has found a new love for swimming. Drama's favorite game is the tug of war and fetch. She is very fast, and her little sister tries to keep up with her. They are both very affectionate dogs. Drama is a Doberman and is considered an aggressive or scary dog, but she isn’t. She loves to lean on people and for them to scratch her butt. She crawls under the blankets at night and cuddles right beside me. Fergie is in my lap almost all day if I’m sitting down. They follow me everywhere and want to be everywhere I’m going. They love to give kisses and love snuggles.”

What do you think it means to be a pet? What is a pet's purpose in this life?

" For me my pets are my family. They have been with me through so many stages of life already and will go through many more. They go everywhere I go; vacations, families houses, road trips. You name it they’re there. Dogs love their owners so much and are their entire world. They are always happy to see you, they’re there when you’re sad, they want to make you happy. They love you more than anything in the world because you chose them to be a part of your family, have loved them, and taken care of them. They’ll never forget you and what you’ve done for them.”

What do you think are the most pressing issues that are in the pet industry today?

"Lost pets or Abandonment of Animals”


Do you think it's more important to talk about the issues or act on them?

Thank you for your response, Drama and Fergie sound like awesome pups! Your description of what a pet’s purpose is almost made me cry. I love it and agree. I hope this will Spark someone to go out and make a difference in an animal’s life. Your pups sound so loved. We truly are so lucky to have doggies in our life.
- Michael Jaurigue

Find them on Instagram at Dramieandfergie_

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