Lincoln Square Chicago for Dogs and Cats


Pet owners have quite a few features to consider when choosing or getting to know a neighborhood. For dog owners, outdoor space to let their pets roam and socialize is paramount. For cat owners, parks might not be as important, but they still need to know where the nearest vet is and where to buy pet food.
With plenty of green space and accessible pet stores, veterinary offices and pet services, Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago has plenty to offer both dog and cat lovers.

The Parks

There are several parks to take your dog out for walks and runs. Like any Chicago neighborhood, your dog should always be leashed unless you are enjoying time together in a designated dog park.
River p
  • River Park Dog Friendly Area: Let your dog run to her content in this Lincoln Square dog park. Situated right along the Chicago River, you can enjoy some scenic views while your pup socializes. You can also stroll through the park for leashed walks.
  • Winnemac Park: Winnemac Park is located in the heart of Lincoln Square. Covering nearly 23 acres, this urban oasis has plenty of room for you and your dog to stretch your legs.
  • Welles Park: Welles Park is one of the neighborhood’s smaller parks, but pet owners and dog walkers will not find themselves wanting for space to walk. The park’s paths wend through open space and sports fields.

Pet Groomers

Plenty of dog breeds (and some cats, too) require regular grooming to keep their coats clean, healthy, and off of your furniture. Lincoln Square has quite a few conveniently located grooming spots, such as:
  • Ravenswoof: This delightfully punny groomer focuses on providing services with compassion. It has a full menu of services for canine and feline clients.
  • Kira Pet Cuts: Kira Pet Cuts offers a wide array of pet grooming services for cats and dogs, including bathing, cuts, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and more.
  • Paws & Claws: Paws & Claws is a groomer and a boarder. You can make a spa day appointment for your cat and dog, and you can take a look at boarding services if you need someone to care for your pet while you’re away.


Finding a regular vet for your pet’s routine checkups, vaccinations, and medical are is an important part of being a pet owner. Picking somewhere close to home is both convenient and wise, especially if your pet experiences a health emergency.
Lincoln Square is home to a number of veterinary offices, including:

Pet Food

The question “what’s for dinner?” isn’t as tough for pets as it is for humans. In Lincoln Square, pet owners can pick up their pets dinner (plus treats and toys) as stores like:

Dog Walkers and Cat Sitters 

Leaving your pet behind for work every day can be tough for us animal lovers. It can also be rough on your dog. Help make the day go by faster for your pup with regular walks. Cats may not need to stretch their legs outside, but these independent critters do need help if you plan to go out of town.
Lincoln Square residents can check out dog walking and pet sitting services at businesses like:
Our dog walkers and cat sitters work in multiple neighborhoods within Chicago, including Lincoln Park. We are pet people, so we know how much you love your animals, and we take our responsibility to care for them seriously. We assign two pet sitters to your pet(s) that you will meet in person before anyone has access to your keys for walks or visits. The first visit is free, so you can decide if you are comfortable with our team. If you are in the Lincoln Square neighborhood, contact us to learn more about how we can help you and your pets!

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