Road Tripping With Your Dog

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Sparky Steps - How To Take A Road Trip With Your Dog

How To Take A Road Trip With Your Dog

It’s finally summertime and that means that for some of you, a road trip is right around the corner. One of the reasons that you might be taking a road trip is because you want to take your dog on vacation with you! We here at Sparky Steps totally understand that. Why wouldn’t you want to enjoy a new experience with your best furry friend? However, as you’re taking a road trip, it is important to keep your dog as safe and as comfortable as possible so they’re enjoying the vacation as much as you are. Here are some common puppy problems during road trips and tips and tricks on how to make your dog happy to explore the road with you.

Motion sickness

Not all dogs like riding in the car. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a dog that does, long periods in a car could cause your dog to experience motion sickness and an upset stomach. Some signs of motion sickness include crying, panting, and licking their lips constantly. To stop this, make sure that your dog is traveling on an empty stomach. If they’re not, their stomach may get upset more easily. Another thing you can do to help motion sickness is to restrain your dog in some way with a harness or doggy seat. This will help your dog’s equilibrium if you take sharp turns.


Another thing dogs may experience during long car rides is a sense of anxiety. It may be a new or confusing situation for them and this anxiety can also lead to motion sickness. Some ways to help get rid of your dog’s anxiety during a road trip is to provide your dog comfort and to keep them busy. A good way to keep dogs preoccupied is with puzzle toys. Finally, if all else fails, look into providing your dog a supplement to calm them down. Veterinarians can provide some supplements and there are some natural remedies as well.


While on your trip, plan ahead for frequent breaks. Even if you don’t have to go to the bathroom or stretch your legs every two hours, you dog does. Plan breaks into your itinerary and make sure that your dog has frequent breaks from the car to get out energy and go to the bathroom. The last thing you want is for them to have an accident in your car.

Unknown Locations

Once you reach it to your destination (or one of your destinations) try not to leave your dog alone for extended periods of time in an unfamiliar location. This can cause anxiety in dogs. If you’re planning to be gone for more than a few hours at a time, book a pet care service so your dog is not alone. Taking a road trip with your dog can be incredibly rewarding and such a fun experience for you both. However, take the steps before your trip to ensure that your dog is comfortable and is enjoying the experience right alongside of you.

Be safe and have fun on your trip!


Written by Kaitlyn Luckow

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