Six Natural Dog Anxiety Aids

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Six Natural Dog Anxiety Aids - Sparky Steps Chicago Pet Sitters - Article

Six Natural Dog Anxiety Aids

Lots of things can cause apprehension in our canines— loud noises, crowded spaces, unpredictable routines, even separation anxiety. Sometimes, tense pups can resort to extremely unproductive behaviors like barking, paw-chewing, or throw pillow destruction. But if you think a veterinary prescription is the only way to calm your frazzled furry friend, think again.


There are actually several natural dog anxiety aids on the market right now. Each one represents a non-invasive way to help pacify hassled hounds. No need to start Googling, because we’ve already done the research for you! Consider trying one or more of these drug-free options:



The LickiMat is a tasty way to distract your anxious dog almost anywhere. Lay this flexible pad on a flat surface; then slather on some peanut butter, pumpkin, or baby food. The special grooved surface makes it tough for your pup to reach every nook and cranny. So most dogs tend to lick intently for quite some time, trying to access every last bit. Well-known animal trainer Victoria Stilwell explains that licking releases endorphins in our canines, imparting a sense of comfort. But you can re-direct that licking instinct away from paws and furniture. Roll up this portable little stress-buster, and take it on all your canine adventures. It’s easy to wash and re-use.



DOGTV is one-stop pet programming, scientifically developed for man’s best friend. The unique 24/7 content is optimized to reflect the way your pooch sees and hears the world. So you’ll notice canine-centric colors and sound frequencies; even a distinctive number of frames-per-second. Choose different viewing categories to calm, invigorate, or support behavioral training. Get details and sign up on the DOGTV website.


Pet Tunes

This trusty Bluetooth speaker is pre-loaded with frequency-modified music, specially developed by sound behaviorist Janet Marlow to calm fretful canines. It’s been clinically shown to help alleviate stress-related activities, like repetitive pacing and excessive yapping. Because it’s super-portable, it’s also easy to take on trips or tote from room-to-room. Once the unit is fully charged, wireless melodies play nonstop for up to eight hours. Get details on the Pet Acoustics website.



The Calmz anxiety relief system serves up soothing audio prompts, while gently activating stress-related acupressure points. The adjustable vest provides a customized fit for virtually any canine. Once in place, it plays therapeutic tunes accompanied by soothing pulses that can coax your dog toward a more tranquil state. Learn more on the Petmate website.


Comfort Cuddler

From your pup’s perspective, your familiar scent is incredibly comforting. Pet parents have undoubtedly observed this dynamic in action for years, but science now backs it up. Want to let Bowser access that soothing scent anytime? Get your paws on the Project Play Comfort Cuddler. This colorful 8” x 8” heart is designed with an easy-open Velcro pouch. Just insert one of your own t-shirts, socks, or a pillow case. Then let your canine snuggle contentedly! As an added bonus, every purchase provides a toy for a sweet, deserving shelter dog. For details, visit the I Heart Dogs website.


Looking for a truly time-tested natural dog anxiety aid? Try the ThunderShirt. When it comes to calming jittery canines, this vet-recommended garment boasts an effectiveness rate of over 80%. According to VCA Hospitals, swaddling a dog is similar to swaddling a baby. That gentle “hugging” action is thought to trigger a self-soothing neurological response that may stabilize heart rate, even lower cortisol levels.

    The stretchy-soft ThunderShirt applies mild but consistent pressure during fireworks, travel, thunderstorms, or vet visits. So it’s a versatile way to calm and reassure dogs of almost any size. Learn more at the ThunderWorks website.


    When you want to avoid the cost and potentially harsh side effects of pharmaceuticals, it’s good to know these natural dog anxiety aids are so easy to find. Got a friend who’s trying to cope with canine anxiety? Share this article. And if you’d like even more pet-friendly tips and insights, subscribe to our Sparky Steps e-mail list!


    Written by Marybeth Bittel


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