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Ten Pup-Friendly Places Worth Visiting

Sparky Steps - Ten Pup-Friendly Places Worth Visiting

Ten Pup-Friendly Places Worth Visiting

Dogs are more than pets, they’re family. Oftentimes, though, unless you’re going to the park or for a walk around the neighborhood, you have to leave your furry family member behind when you go out…or do you? Read on for a list of restaurants and shops where your dog is welcome—some of them may surprise you!


  1. Starbucks

Dogs are welcome to sit outside and enjoy the day on the Starbucks’ patio. If you request it, your local Starbucks may also offer a “puppuccino,” which is a small cup of whipped cream. Yum!


  1. Half Price Books

Looking for a book on Chihuahuas or Pit Bulls? Take your dog along! Half Price Books welcomes pups.


  1. Hobby Lobby

If you’re going to check out Hobby Lobby’s fall decorations, don’t leave your best furry friend behind. Just be sure his wagging tail doesn’t knock over the display of ceramic pumpkins!


  1. Dairy Queen

Hey, dogs love dessert too! Take advantage of a pretty day and Dairy Queen’s outdoor dining area. Your dog may even score a “pup cup” of vanilla ice cream.
  1. Home Depot

Looking for a doggy door? Why not take your dog along, so he can sniff out the one he wants you to buy? (And install, please!)


  1. Hallmark

Need a birthday card for your mom? Be sure to take your pooch along. If your mom would like a card from you, she’ll love one from her grand-dog!


  1. In-N-Out Burger

Pups are welcome to dine alfresco with their favorite humans at In-N-Out Burger. Be sure to ask for a “pup patty.” It’s an unseasoned hamburger patty that your dog will love!


  1. Tractor Supply Co.

This farm supply store is pup-friendly. And your dog will love the pet section. He may try to sneak a bag of treats into the cart. And a bed. And a toy. And another toy. And another toy.


  1. Sephora

If you’re going to spend forever testing out perfume and looking at make-up, you might as well let your dog shop too. But it’s not recommended to give your pup a makeover. After all, he’s already beautiful!


  1. Foot Locker

If your dog chewed up your last pair of sneakers, have you ever thought it was because he knew you picked the wrong color? Take him into Foot Locker with you, so he can sniff out the pair that’s just right for you! Before you take your pup to any of the stores or restaurants mentioned above, call ahead first. Oftentimes, each individual store or restaurant will set their own pet policy. And if your nearest Hobby Lobby or Dairy Queen doesn’t allow dogs, don’t worry about rushing home to take your pooch on a walk. 


Written by Mara Cobb

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