The Pet Lover’s Guide to Albany Park


Plenty of neighborhood guides delve into the restaurant, bar, and cultural scenes of Chicago’s neighborhoods, but your pets are more interested in where they can play and how close their next meal will be. For Albany Park pet lovers, there are plenty of parks, pet stores, vet’s offices, and grooming spots to keep their critters happy and healthy.

The Parks

A neighborhood’s parks are paramount for dog owners who need places for their pets to expend energy and socialize. Albany Park is home to a number of parks and next to some additional options.
  • River Park Dog Friendly Area: This park is actually located in Lincoln Square, just across the Chicago River from Albany Park. The park has plenty of room to roam, and it has a designated area for dogs to run off-leash.
  • Ronan Park: Ronan Park is right next to River Park, on the Albany Park side of the river. You can take your dog for leashed walks on the park’s paths along the river.
  • Jensen Park: Jensen Park is in the center of the Albany Park neighborhood. Located at a middle school, the park is geared toward kids, but dog owners can still find time to enjoy the green space with their leashed pups.
  • Horner Park: Horner Park is located just south of Albany Park in the Irving Park neighborhood. This sprawling park has several walking paths to explore with your dog, as well as a large, fenced dog park.

Pet Groomers 

Our furry friends are often in need of grooming services, particularly dogs and cats with high maintenance coats. Albany Park residents can get their pets groomed close to home at spots like:
  • Petco Dog Grooming: Petco has a location on Pulaski Road in Albany Park. You can pick up pet food and toys while your dog gets cleaned up. The store provides grooming services for dogs of all sizes.
  • Buds N' Suds Grooming: Buds N’ Suds Grooming is a one-stop-shop for all of your dog’s grooming needs. The business provides bathing, cuts, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and teeth brushing.


Albany Park pet owners can take their cats and dogs for checkups and medical care close to home at veterinary offices including:
  • Mayfair Animal Clinic: Mayfair Animal Clinic is just south of the Albany Park neighborhood border. This vet’s office provides basic care, as well as specialty services like cardiology and behavioral counseling.
  • Ravenswood Animal Hospital: Ravenswood Animal Hospital offers pet owners a wide variety of services for their animals, including wellness care, surgery, and holistic medicine.
  • VCA Cat Hospital of Chicago: A lot of pet care caters to dogs. Some cat owners may like that this VCA location specializes in feline vet care.

Pet Food

The Albany Park Petco is the most convenient option for picking up food for your pets. If are looking for a specialty store, Kriser’s Natural Pet has a location in Roscoe Village that could be convenient option for Albany Park residents.

Dog Walkers and Cat Sitters 

The Sparky Steps team services a number of Chicago neighborhoods, including Albany Park. Whether you are heading out of town or you need regular help during the work day, we are here to help you give your cats and dogs the care they need.
We assign two pet sitters to your pet(s) that you will meet in person before anyone has access to your keys. Set up a free visit, and you can decide if we are the right fit for your pet sitting or dog walking needs. Click here to learn more and get started.  

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