15 Things to Watch on Netflix & Disney + With Your Dog

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Sparky Steps - 15 Things to Watch on Netflix & Disney + With Your Dog

The perfect Friday is a night-in with your furry companion, a bowl of popcorn, and your Netflix and Disney+ subscription. Here are 15 dog movies or shows for you and your dog(s) to enjoy together!

  1. Lady & the Tramp

Disney+ We all know the love story between Lady and the Tramp. Now you can watch the famous spaghetti dinner scene in the live action or the animated film since both are available.
  1. Benji

Netflix This 2018 remake is about an orphaned dog coming to the rescue when his new human pals are kidnapped.
  1. 101 Dalmatians

Disney+ AKA ever dog-lover’s dream. 101 Dalmatians is a classic Disney movie targeting those who love dogs…A LOT OF THEM!
  1. World’s Greatest Dogs

Disney+ Real-life stories about dogs, their owners, and their wonderful talents.
  1. Secret Life of Pets (1 + 2)

Netflix Ever wonder what your dog/pets do while you’re at work all day? Catch this animated movie to find out. If you enjoyed the first film like I did, the second movie is currently available.
  1. Snow Dogs

Disney+ A Dentist (Cuba Gooding Jr.) travels to Alaska to find out he owns sled dogs. A cute comedy that makes you question if a Miami resident can survive the Alaskan cold.
  1. Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Disney+ A Chihuahua (Drew Barrymore) living in luxury has a rude awakening when it becomes lost in a “ruff” area in Mexico.
  1. Pick of the Litter

Disney+ Watch the journey of five puppies transform into guide dogs for the blind.
  1. Fox & the Hound

Disney+ The story of a fox and a dog that forever changed the dynamic of friendship.
  1. Turner & Hooch

Disney+ A detective (Tom Hanks) inherits a fallen-friend’s pooch, who may help solve a murder case.
  1. Bolt

Netflix Watch this Hollywood dog (who believes he actually has powers) travel cross-country on a rescue mission.
  1. Life in the Doghouse

Netflix This couple documents their story of rescuing over 10,000 dogs.
  1. Togo

Disney+ Remember the animated movie, Balto? Togo is the live-action film about the historic sled dog who helped bring medicine to the sickly in 1925.
  1. Dog: Impossible

Disney+ A dog behavioral specialist works through difficult cases with misunderstood dogs.
  1. You Lucky Dog

Disney+ This 1998 film is about a dog, Lucky, and how his deceased owner’s fortune is left with his doggy psychiatrist. Did I forget any of your favorites? Browse through Netflix and Disney+ and leave a comment below! Do you and your pup have an interesting story together? Get interviewed by SparkySteps! Click HERE for details. Show us some love by “liking” us on Facebook!


Written by Kathryn Minniti

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