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We interviewed Brady from Knoxville TN, USA with Teddy, A.K.A. @Teddy_Thomas_Livingston on Instagram!


Tell us about Teddy!

"We got teddy about 9 years ago and has been part of the family ever since we picked him up.”
Who are you? What are you about! 
“I am Brady Livingston (girl) I play competitive soccer at a club level ECNL, I play the clarinet, and I am a freshman in high school now.”
Where did you meet?
"We got Teddy at puppy zone because it was the closest place to us, we went in there a lot because I loved dogs and wanted one so badly, my sister was very scared of dogs so my parents decided after I had picked teddy out (1st one I wanted) he was the runt of the pack and very shy but I immediately fell in love with him! We took him home the next day and has been part of our family ever since and always will be!”
Tell us a story!
"The very time we picked him up is a funny story, my mom was the one who was holding him and she was saying how cute he was and me and my sister were in love and as she was saying that he threw up on her!😂 we had to pull over to get it off her, we all laughed so much. To sum it up, Teddy brings so much to the family, love, laughter, and all-around good times.” 
What do you think it means to be a pet? What is a pet's purpose in this life?
“I think what it means to be a pet is many things, another part of the family, a caregiver, an angel from heaven, and their purpose can be many different things too, maybe to protect its owner, or maybe the whole state, maybe to just be that someone in our life that loves us no matter what, maybe to assist us if we have a disability, or maybe just to help us feel like us, there is a variety of purposes we put for these dogs and I feel like it’s their will to choose as much as ours, just some people force them on different paths.”
How does your pup spark joy in your life?
“He is just a symbol of purity and perfection but at the same time he might be a little clumsy but that just adds to his personality, which brings laughter in my life when he slides into a wall on accident when he is chasing me, and happiness when I see him smiling and wagging his tail when I get home, and so many positive emotions when he is just in the same room because he has grown so much into our family almost like he was there from the very beginning”
What do you think are the most pressing issues that are in the pet industry today?
"Lost pets or abandonment of animals”
Do you think it's more important to talk about the issues or act on them? 
Thank you for your response Teddy sounds awesome! We hope this will Spark someone to go out and make a difference in an animal’s life. We are so lucky to have doggies in our life. 
- Sparky Steps

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