How Often Should I Groom My Dog?

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How Often Should You Groom Your Dog?

Grooming is an important responsibility for all pet owners. Dogs may not be people, but they still need their hair, nails, ears, and teeth taken care of on a regular basis. Learn more about making a grooming schedule for your pup.

Fur Care

Proper care for a dog’s fur can vary widely depending on the breed. Some dogs, like vizslas, have short fur that doesn’t require trimming. Others breeds, like the Maltese, have long, fluffy hair that requires frequent cuts and brushing. If your dog needs regular haircuts, every six to eight weeks is a good rule of thumb, according to Victor Capili, C.D.G groomer and owner of Shorty Styles Premier Dog Grooming. Baths and tidy-ups can be done every four to six weeks. What should you expect during a professional grooming session? “A typical grooming session starts off with a bath,” says Capili. “We use a hydro-surge bathing system, which mixes water, shampoo, and oxygen to pretty much clean every string of hair.” Shorty Styles offers a number of different shampoos to meet the needs of your dog. After the bath, dogs get a towel dry and blow dry. Next, they get a nail trim, ear clean, brush out, and haircut. Before you bring your dog in for an appointment, it is a good idea to know how they will react. Are they used to being touched by strangers? “Always have your dog get used to having their face and feet touched. It helps with the nail trimming and the haircut,” says Capili. This ensures your dog is more comfortable and makes it easier for groomers to take care of your dog. In between professional grooming sessions, you can help keep your dog’s fur smooth and shiny at home. “Dogs should be brushed out one to three times a week. It helps with shedding, or it will prevent your dog from matting,” says Capili. He recommends using a rubber curry for dogs with short hair and a slicker brush for dogs with longer coats. Dogs love to get messy, which means you can’t always save bath time for the next professional grooming appointment. If you are bathing your dog at home more than every four to six weeks, make sure to use a shampoo and conditioner to ensure you don’t dry out the natural oils on their skin, according to Capili.

Nail and Ear Care

Just like your dog’s coat, his nails and ears need some at-home love too. Trimming your dog’s nails helps minimize the risk of breakage and ingrowth. Every dog is different, but you can typically trim your dog’s nails every month or every other month, according to K9 of Mine. Ear care is a little trickier. Some dogs are prone to ear infections, while others may never need an ear cleaning, according to VCA Animal Hospitals. Talk to your vet about your dog’s needs to determine the best schedule for keeping those ears clean.

Dental Hygiene

Dogs may not eat the sugary foods we humans love, but they still need regular brushing to keep their teeth healthy. Approximately 80 percent of pets will develop periodontal disease by the time they reach three years old, according to PetMD. Your dog may not like having a toothbrush in her mouth, but you can help her get used to it. At minimum, dogs should have their teeth brushed once a week, according to PetMD. You can always schedule a teeth cleaning with your local groomer and regular cleanings with your vet, but it is important to keep up with at-home care too. If you are ready to schedule a grooming appointment for your pup, consider reaching out to Shorty Styles.


Written by Carrie Pallardy

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