How to Walk Your Dog in Wet Weather

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Sparky Steps - Raining on Your Parade: How to Walk Your Dog in Wet Weather

Raining on Your Parade: How to Walk Your Dog in Wet Weather

When it comes to taking Buster for his daily jaunt, not every day can be like the 1985 hit “Walking on Sunshine”—as another song from Ella Fitzgerald says, into each life some rain must fall. Rainy day walks might be one of those chores that leave you cursing under your breath. Some dogs won’t go out in the rain even when coaxed, so if you have one of those pups you’re off the hook. But there are some, of course, that enjoy their daily walks so much that they are undeterred by anything Mother Nature can cook up. So, what do you do if the heavens have opened up but Sasha is anxious at the door with her leash in her mouth and her tail a’waggin’ in anticipation? You can don the raincoat and the rubber boots and grab the umbrella on your way out the door, but what about your pooch? What’s the best way to walk your dog in wet weather? Here are some things you might do or consider to make your next walk in the rain more enjoyable—or at least bearable—for you and your four-legged companion.

Doggie Rain Gear

Some of us might have vowed we’d never dress up our dogs—but rain gear is practical. The American Kennel Club recommends rain gear for walks, playtime in the yard, or even keeping your car mud- and wet-free. For the heaviest of rainstorms, you’d do well with something like the Hurtta Torrent Coat; it’s designed to keep Ruff dry in the most extreme conditions. Lots of positive reviews for this one! Adjustable, reflective, and a high collar to keep the rain from getting down in there and soaking poor Roxie! Fashion Pet raincoats and ponchos are great for lighter rains. These have easy adjustable Velcro straps and hoods made for full protection. Also reflective, so safety is covered as well as your dog! It’s never fun to deal with wet muddy paws on the carpet, right? While not all dogs will love anything that covers their paws, if you can get Prowler to don some Pawz rubber boots, that would be great! These work for rain, snow, and even days at the beach. Disposable, reusable. These also give dogs some traction on wet and potentially slippery surfaces. Rubber boots can also keep dirty water and mud from your dog’s paws; they might tend to want to lick their paws after the walk, and boots will prevent your dog from ingesting potentially harmful oils and chemicals that might be in puddles or mud. Doggie umbrellas are also a thing! Most attach to the end of the leash, so they’re totally hands-free and convenient. (You might also check out hands-free umbrellas for people; super-convenient when you need to hold a leash and pick up after your pup’s business).

Walkin’ on the Drier Side

OK, you’ve got Thor decked out in his protective rain gear, so you’re good to go. While this gear goes a long way toward making a rainy day walk less of a washout, there are a few more things you can do to make the trip a bit better. For one, stay off busy streets—there’ll be more cars to pass through puddles that will soak you and Zoe in a most unpleasant way. If you can find a path that’s covered with a lot of trees that might block some of the downpour, great—head that way. Shorten your usual walk and do more indoor playtime activities. Maybe toss a toy up and down the stairs to keep your dog moving a bit—they get in their exercise, you both stay dry. Win-win! No matter what, chances are Chase is going to get somewhat wet when you walk in the rain—thoroughly towel him down or, if he lets you, blow dry with him a hair dryer once you’re back indoors.


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Written by Harrison Howe

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