Five Steps to Make a Trip With Your Pet Go Without a Hitch

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Five Steps to Make a Trip With Your Pet Go Without a Hitch

Travel is all about the experience, seeing new places, and doing different things. You may not have traveled with a pet before, but a furball can be an incentive to create even more memories. It takes planning to avoid common problems, but it’s very much worth the effort.


Choosing the Destination

Bringing your pet on your vacation means finding a destination that is not only unforgettable for you but memorable and safe for them, too. After all, not everywhere is welcoming of animals. As a start, research what policies a place has for them, as Hawaii, for instance, routinely quarantines animals. You do have options, though, as you could take your furball on a road trip or pamper them at a retreat accepting of pets. In fact, you don’t even have to limit yourself to dry land, as some cruise lines are more than happy to embark furry friends.


Getting Accommodation

Unfortunately, some hotels do not permit animals on their premises without a good reason. Yet, it’s never been easier to filter out those places thanks to dedicated websites that exclusively list pet-friendly accommodation. Still, there is more to consider beyond that, as a hotel that allows animals might not be close to a vet or pet store. Indeed, some animal-friendly places may limit you to smokers’ rooms or something just as unappealing, so ask questions before booking. If you are unsure about a hotel, you could try an apartment, particularly as it might put your furball at ease. Your choice matters, as the right place can make or break a vacation.


Plan in Advance

With a destination chosen, your thoughts should turn to the travel itself. Are you planning on flying or driving? If it’s the former, reach out to your airline to ensure they can provide the necessary care, and learn how they will transport your buddy. Likewise, you should confirm with your vet that their shots are up-to-date, as you might need a health certificate if traveling abroad. For car rides, you need to plan out where you’ll take breaks. You’ll also want to either choose a route that lets you restock food or have enough packed to feed your furry friend. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps you can use to plan out your route. With suitable prep, neither you nor your companion will be needlessly stressed.


Invest in Gear

Having the right pet gear is vital, as it allows you to keep your care routines and lessen your buddy’s anxieties. For cats, you’ll need to pack the basics, like food and water bowls, a bed, and some toys to keep them occupied. However, don’t ignore the benefits of a disposable litter box or even a harness. It may sound unusual, but it can help your feline have safe adventures outdoors while on your vacation. Most importantly, you want a quality carrier since they let you both secure and calm your furball while traveling. Of course, your companion deserves only the best accessories, so be on the lookout for good deals, and use reviews as a routine.


Check Your Insurance

Without comprehensive insurance, you can find yourself dealing with serious costs should something happen. However, insurance, both travel and pet, may not cover every eventuality, so always check the fine print. For instance, many pet insurers do not cover preexisting conditions, and some plans are limited to accidents. Equally, travel insurers may not extend their coverage to pets, and some might not see a vet emergency as a valid reason to cancel a flight. Given this, ask as many questions as you can. By understanding the fine print and what the coverage provides, you can protect yourself from any nasty financial surprises. Our pets are loving companions who can add much to our travels. They may not understand what traveling means, but they can certainly enjoy it nonetheless. Invest in gear, find the right destination, and start an amazing adventure together. 

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Written by Nick Burton

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