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It Turns Out Sleeping with the Dogs Might Not Be So Bad After All

Many pet owners start out with a staunch “no dogs allowed on the bed” rule. Some stick to it, but many succumb to puppy eyes and the promise of cuddling. While personal preference dictates whether or not dogs get to sleep with you in the bed, there is some debate in the scientific community about the benefits. In 2017, Mayo Clinic Proceedings released a study that pointed to a correlation between sleeping with dogs and negative effects on health and sleep quality, according to Newsweek. People who slept with their dogs in the room but not on the bed had 83 percent sleep efficiency while people who slept with their dogs in the bed had 80 percent sleep efficiency, according to the study. Additionally, people who slept with their dogs were more likely to have sleep disruptions. The results of this study probably don’t come as a surprise to pet owners who snooze with their four-footed brethren. They like to rearrange themselves during the night, check on you, and probably snore. Many people have an opinion about sleeping with the dogs, but not all opinions are backed by research. Some people might tell you that allowing your dog to share your bed will lead to behavior issues with your dog. The American Kennel Club actually considers this an urban myth. Dogs that share their owners’ beds may have separation anxiety or defend the bed as their territory, but there is no research showing that allowing the dog into the bed is the cause of those issues, according to the AKC. Yet, a new survey published in the journal Anthrozoös just this year reflected different results. The study surveyed more than 900 women on sleeping with their dogs, according to Bustle. The results didn’t explicitly show a connection between quality of sleep and co-sleeping with pet dogs, but it did reveal some telling information on how women feel about the issue at hand. For example, survey respondents reported feeling more comfortable and secure when sleeping with their dogs compared to sleeping with a human partner or a cat. While scientific studies might shed light on the health benefits or detriments of sleeping with your dog, they are unlikely to cause people to banish their furry sleeping companions to the doghouse or suddenly change the house rules. Your bed is your own to share with your dog or not.


Written by Carrie Pallardy

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