How to Keep Your Dog Comfortable All Winter

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Sparky Steps - How to Keep Your Dog Comfortable All Winter

How to Keep Your Dog Comfortable All Winter

With the temperature continuing to drop, we’re all bundling up and throwing on the layers to step outside. But are our dogs as cold as we are? Some of our furry friends are blessed with thick coats that protect them from the below-freezing temperatures, but many shorter or thinner haired dogs are just as cold as we are! Here are some tips to help your pup stay comfortable all through the not-so-mild Chicago winter.


Keeping Warm

As a general rule of thumb, if you aren’t comfortable standing outside without a coat on, your dog probably isn’t comfortable either. Let’s make sure our pups stay safe from winter hazards like frostbite and hypothermia by keeping them bundled up too! Wrap them up in a coat that spans from the neck to tail, and also warms up their bellies. Just remember, this still keeps some of their body parts exposed -- like those cute ears and wagging tails -- so always listen to any signs your dog is giving you that (s)he is uncomfortable or cold.


Daytime Walks

If your canine companion has been communicating that (s)he is cold, make sure you go on walks in the early afternoon or late morning when the sun is at its warmest. And along the way, do some jogging or play fetch to keep your pup as warm as can be!


Protect The Paws

There are two important things to remember about your dog’s paws during the winter: the rock salt on the ground hurts their paws, and their nails don’t wear down as quickly in the winter. Though the rock salt that’s layered throughout the streets of Chicago provides us with snow-free streets and sidewalks, it can get into the crevices of our pup’s paws and is quite painful for them. An easy solution is to use dog boots, and an alternative solution is to use a specialized ointment that works as an extra layer between your pup’s paws and the salt. As for those nails, dogs’ nails tend to have less direct contact with the ground during the winter -- meaning they grow longer and can be uncomfortable. Keep those puppies clipped, or take them to the groomers. You dogs will thank you!


Not Too Warm

We’ve all seen our dogs bask in the sunlight of a window, but did you know they can get too warm in their search for heat? Dogs have been known to seek sources of heat in your home, and lay there for a little too long! They can cuddle up to the radiator and fireplace so long that they walk away with burns without realizing the damage they’ve done. Let’s make sure our pups are staying warm, but not so warm that it hurts them! Sparky Steps hopes these tips help you and your furry friend stay warm all throughout this chilly winter. And remember, as warm as it sounds to stay inside, our pups do need regular exercise (and this includes the colder months!). So bundle up, bundle your pup up, and enjoy this winter!


Written by Saarah Monawvil

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