Sparky Steps - Chicago Dog Walkers and Cat Sitters on a Social Mission

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Sparky Steps Chicago Pet Sitters, Dog Walkers, Cat Sitters, and more!

Sparky Steps - Chicago Pet Sitters on a Social Mission

My name is Michael Jaurigue and I'm the Founder here at Sparky Steps. We started this company with a mission, a social mission. To help with the issue of animal homelessness. Before we opened up, my co-founder, Laurie and I would go and volunteer at the local animal shelters. I realized that volunteering was easy and fun! It was sad for us to see so many pups without homes. That's when we decided to do something about it. We created Sparky Steps to create a place for people who really love animals. To come together and find shelter animals forever homes.

I believe in Social Entrepreneurship. Sparky Steps strives to solve issues with sustainable business.

With our Pet Sitting business, we can support ourselves and have the time to volunteer and find ways to give back. By having a Social Mission we can aim to help out the shelter animals who don't have homes yet and generate jobs and income to help our community.

To me Sparky Steps is more than just a business, it’s a chance to create a community of people who care. A chance to showcase major issues out there and provide links to ways we can actually help. A chance to help shelter animals by showcasing the love that they offer to a family who may be able to help.

I personally don’t believe that a business should exist solely to make money, businesses should exist to really make a difference in the lives of their community. The community that we are tackling is our very own Chicago. Chicago is a great place to live, but we know we can make it better.

We are Chicago Pet Sitters on a Social Mission.

Check out our social mission page to see exactly how we do this and how you can join us.

We are still looking at different ways we could impact shelter dogs even further! Until then, we have our social mission.


Michael Jaurigue - Sparky Steps Founder

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