10 Dog Instagrams To Help You Get You Through Your Day

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10 Dog Instagrams To Help You Get You Through Your Day

Nothing can brighten up a busy workday like seeing a video or photo of an adorable puppy. This is even more possible on Instagram and if you’re anything like me, you can easily find yourself in an Instagram hole, just looking at cute dogs for hours on end. Here are some of my favorite dog Instagram accounts that are sure to put a smile on your face:



Porkchop is my newest Instagram discovery and I am madly in love. Porkchop is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and is almost two. His photos showcase his huge fluff and absolute joy. When he’s not frolicking through fields of flowers, he’s cuddling with his family.



Maisie is a Dalmadoodle, which is a Dalmatian and Poodle mix. And yes, she’s just as cute as you think she would be. She has a big brother she likes to play with and has a ton of cute dog friends.



As an Australian Shepherd owner, I can never get enough of this page. This page features videos and photos of Aussies from all around the world. The admin of the page also shares his life with his Aussie on his stories every day. There is so much joy here.



Zira is a face that went viral earlier this year after the owner posted a photo of her smiling at Target (because who isn’t happy at Target?) Zira is a Pembroke Corgi/Mini Aussie Mix and is never not smiling. If you’re having a bad day, nothing will brighten your day faster than her grin.



This account features dogs all around the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. However, you don’t need to live there to appreciate it. Each post features multiple photos of a dog at their favorite spot in the city. The captions also tell the story of each pup and they all just warm your heart right up.



Look at this cute nerd! Leroy is a mutt living with his family in Portland. He also is best friends with his brother, the mini Aussie named Rooney. Leroy was a rescue mutt and now spends his days exploring the Pacific Northwest and food carts.



Sam and Pickles are two siblings that recently moved from Wisconsin out to Seattle. Sam is a Rottweiler and Pickles is a corgi.



This Wild Idea started when Maddie’s owner took a road trip and starting photographing her around the U.S. His Instagram page blew up and now Maddie is one of the most recognizable dogs on Instagram. Constantly going on adventures, Maddie’s photos are always filled with whimsy and delight. She even has her own book!



Okay. I know raccoons aren’t dogs, but I had to include this one in here. Yes, the primary star of this account is an adorable pet raccoon, but it also features his best friends Toffee and Oreo! There’s nothing I like more than weird animal friendships and this one is the best one out there.



I mean, could I really make a list without including our very own Sparky Steps page? We love to use our Instagram as a way to show off the dogs we walk and pet sit every day. Get real-life updates on how all of our cuties are doing! 

What are some of your favorite dog Instagram accounts. We're always on the lookout for more adorable fur babies to follow!


Written by Kaitlyn Luckow

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