How to Make Bathing a Dog Easier

Sparky Steps - Splish, Splash - How to make Bathing a Dog Easier

Splish, Splash: How to Make Bathing a Dog Easier

“I LOVE getting baths!”…said few dogs, ever. If your pupper is like most, chances are he/she is not eager to leap into a sudsy bath of warm water. Some will simply grin and bear it, but others just might put up some resistance. Or maybe a LOT of resistance. If bath time with Ruff becomes a seasonal wrestling match, is there anything you can do to make this situation easier on you, and on him? From distractions like a Peanut Butter Lick Pad for bath time to a hand-strap pet shower sprayer and scrubber that makes dog bathing easier on the mom or dad, there are several things you can do to make bathing your furry child a lot easier. Take the following advice and make your next scheduled bath time less stressful and maybe even enjoyable for the puppy in your life.

Leading a Horse…er, Dog…to Water

So, is there any way to make this typically anxious time any easier on all involved? If your dog simply hates getting bathed, chances are he’ll always dislike it. But you CAN make it easier to lead him to the bath by using a kind voice and offering a treat or two along the way (and maybe a leash if need be, but coax, don’t pull or drag the poor pup to water). DO NOT raise your voice or show anger in any way. This will only further stress Boxer out and he’ll come to associate bath time with you being upset. Throughout the scrubbing and rinsing process, maintain a level voice and keep heaping praise as you go. There’s no more comforting sound to your dog than your voice, especially when it’s upbeat and soothing.

Can Bath Time Be Less Stressful?

The answer, believe it or not, is yes! While there’s plenty of advice and instructions on how to wash your dog on the internet, that is not the main focus here; what you’ll find below is a list of things to do or consider when “the time” comes:
  • Walk Gunner before drawing a bath; getting him tired will go a long way toward making him relaxed
  • Brush Duke thoroughly before giving him a bath to reduce any tangles; tugging and pulling on tangled hair during a bath isn’t exactly calming and soothing
  • Have the tub filled with warm water before bringing Daisy into the bathroom; the sound of running water can up her stress level
  • Place a non-slip mat on the bottom of the tub during bath time; not being able to keep their footing will only add more stress to your already-anxious pup
  • Give treats after the bath is done so he/she will associate good things with bath time

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Written by Harrison Howe

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