Howliday Dog Gift Ideas

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Sparky Steps - Howliday Dog Gift Ideas

Howliday Dog Gift Ideas

For all of the people in the world who love their dogs as much as I do, get them a gift this holiday season they will never fur-get. Well, until the mailman comes. I have gathered over 10 holiday gift ideas in five different categories for those looking for some inspiration!


  1. Pajama Sets

Pet and human matching pajamas. I REPEAT PET AND HUMAN MATCHING PJS! If my dog allowed me to put her in clothing, you bet she would get this in her stocking this year. I found matching sets at Target for everyone from the dog to the husband. Don’t worry kids, they have something for you too!

  1. Bed Time

Give your dog the comfort of a brand new warm, cushiony bed for them to snooze in. You may even have one night with your own bed to yourself! Here are a few bed options based on pet and pricing:
  1. Interactive Gifts

Challenge your smaller dogs with this interactive feeder. As your pet plays with the ball, treats will come out. Or if you are looking to interact with your dog while you are at away, this Pet Camera can check-in, release treats, and perform a laser pointer to entertain!

  1. New Accessories

Is your dog’s leash starting to smell like a dump truck? Time for a new collar and leash. Or a new car harness to keep your partner in crime safe.

  1. Treats on treats on treats

As pet owners, we all know the treats that are suitable and loved by our pets. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, treat your pet with their favorite toys and treats so you know they will love it. If you are in the mood to try something new, I did some digging and found a few new ideas.
  • Cannolis – For the sweet tooth. If like to shop local, this shop offers an array of different treats and options for your furry friend.
  • Butcher Buys – Another local shop that provides canine products made in the USA.
  • Dog Licious Dog bones – one of my dog’s favorites.
  • Holiday themed options for your dog.


All of the thought, money, and time spent preparing your dog’s gifts will be worth it when you see their excitement. Don’t feel guilty for spoiling your animals either. In some families, the pet is the star child. Lyndsey Wydra, a Chicago resident, shared with me the abundance of gifts her dogs receive each year for Christmas. “From baskets of toys, new collars, bones to unwrap on Christmas morning,” She even went on to say: “My dogs get more presents than me.” Whether your family gets a little somethin’ somethin’ for Fido, or they are like Lyndsey Wydra’s family, be sure to spread the holiday cheer to the fur-babies in your life. They deserve it! Don’t forget to share what you got your pets with us on the Sparky Steps Facebook or tag us on Instagram @SparkySteps! #SparkyGifts


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