Indestructible Dog Toys

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Indestructible Dog Toys

When it comes to chew toys, is your dog a demolition expert? At Sparky Steps, we know that no two dogs are alike. Because of that, some dogs need toys that are more indestructible than others. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of three “indestructible” dog toys that your pet can sink his teeth into!



Nylabone dog toys offer both long-lasting edible dog bones and “indestructible” chew toys. There are a wide variety of bone-shaped chew toys available. While your pet is sure to love chewing the toy, they will also the bones’ taste. Nylabone chew toys come in fun flavors like apple pie, bacon cheeseburger, chicken wing, and vanilla milkshake. It’s important to select the chew toy that’s most appropriate for your furry friend’s size. Click here to learn more about Nylabone’s available toys.



KONG chew toys were founded by Joe Markham, whose trained police dog, Fritz, chewed everything—even rocks and sticks. Markham recognized the need for safe, fun, and indestructible pet toys. So he created KONG. The selection of KONG toys available ranges from balls to Frisbees to rubber chew toys. The rubber KONG toys have a hole on one end that can be filled up with your pet’s favorite treats. Wondering what other tasty tidbits you can stuff into your pet’s rubber KONG? The KONG website also features a recipe section.



GoughNuts dog toys are donut-shaped toys that your pup will have a hard time demolishing. Besides the original GoughNut toy, there are also GoughNuts sticks that float on water—the perfect option for your water-loving pet. The folks at GoughNuts believe their dog toys are truly indestructible too! In fact, every toy sold comes with a lifetime guarantee. If your pet chews its GoughNuts toy past the first rubber layer, a layer of red will start to show. This means that it’s time to send the toy back to the company and wait for your new GoughNuts toy to arrive in the mail! Be sure to visit the GoughNuts’ website to learn more about their lifetime warranty and their selection of toys available.


Are They Truly Indestructible?

Of course, no dog toy is ever truly indestructible, and pets should always be supervised when playing with their toys. However, whether you choose to purchase a Nylabone, KONG, or a GoughNuts, these toys are sure to put the spark in your dog’s step!


Written by Mara Cobb


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