Interview With Josephine, Trixie, and Maximus

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Josephine, Trixie, and Maximus
We interviewed Josephine Castle From Iola, Wisconsin USA with her pups Trixie and  Maximus you can find them here!
Tell us about Trixie and Maximus!
“Trixie is a Labrador mixed with Pitbull. She was from Texas and was known as the escape artist who escaped the shelter in Texas after scaling a 6 ft. fence.. Maximus was from Indiana. He was a Christmas gift.”
Who are you? What are you about! 
“I'm a 30 year old female from Chicago that moved to the country to provide a better life for my children and fur children.”
Where did you meet?
“Marthaton County Humane Society”
Tell us a story!
“I asked the shelter for a dog that they felt best fit for my family. They asked about "Tiffany" the escape artist. I was honestly looking for the exact opposite of Trixie. I wanted calm yet would protect our family. She is protective but totally smart and hyper. She can totally escape her kennel at home. Yet, she is soo happy when not inside the cage. She loves playing outside and does well off leash. She has ran out the house but always ran the yard and went home. She loves cuddling. I thought it would be trouble and I was right but I wouldn't trade her for any other dog in the world.”
What do you think it means to be a pet? What is a pet's purpose in this life?
“Each animal serves a different purpose. Commonly a lesson about unconditional love. Each lesson is slightly different. My previous dog taught the lesson how to enjoy and appreciate the time we have with another.”
How does your pup spark joy in your life?
“They give me a reason to be excited to come home when I know no one else will be there.”
What do you think are the most pressing issues that are in the pet industry today?
“Each location has bigger issues than another. Some state's have overpopulated shelters while others have a high enthusiasm rate. All needs to be addressed accordingly.”
Do you think it's more important to talk about the issues or act on them? 
Thank you so much for sharing your story! We hope this will Spark someone to go out and make a difference in an animal’s life. We are so lucky to have doggies in our life. 
- Sparky Steps
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