Pet Security Cameras 101: Handy Shopping Guidelines

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Sparky Steps - Pet Security Cameras 101 - Handy Shopping Guidelines

Pet Security Cameras 101: Handy Shopping Guidelines

If you’re an animal lover, you know it’s tough leaving your furry friend home when you venture out into the world. Nagging questions start cropping up in your head: Is my pet scared? Is he safe? Is he having a field day shredding my favorite throw pillows? Thanks to pet security cameras, you no longer need to worry and wonder. In fact, today’s pet security cameras are specifically designed to help you observe both canines and cats. You can see whether your pet is getting into mischief. You can also monitor elderly or ailing animals — even help calm those who seem anxious and afraid. And if you hire an established pet sitting or dog walking service like Sparky Steps, you can keep an eye on those human helpers. Our dedicated Sparky Steps crew absolutely loves caring for your four-legged friend — and you have every right to check in, whenever you like! So what should you look for when considering pet security cameras? Here are a few suggestions:


1. Live Footage

Purchase a camera that lets you watch live footage on your mobile device, or stored in the cloud. This helps you see precisely what’s happening while you’re out and about. If you’re local, it even lets you rush home to avert minor canine or kitty catastrophes. After all, sometimes that kitchen trash bin can look pretty tempting to a curious critter.


2. Diverse Alerts

You definitely want a product that sends phone notifications when unexpected activity is detected near your living space. Some cameras are even able to sense noise. Devices with these capabilities can often capture short video snippets, or store them in the cloud. So you instantly know if your pet begins barking non-stop, or running relays around your living room. And you’re quickly informed if an unfamiliar intruder starts snooping around your porch or patio.


3. Communication Capabilities

Many newer cameras let you interact with your pet in real time. Some allow Fido or Fluffy to hear your calming voice; others offer live-streaming video. This can be particularly comforting to a restless animal experiencing separation anxiety. A few innovative products even dispense treats! What a great way to augment the services of a responsible human pet sitter. Okay, so now you know what to look for. But all those camera options on the market can still make it tricky to identify one that’s best for you. Scrolling through Amazon listings is one way to compare features and capabilities. But to help save you time, we’ve highlighted several solid choices below.

YI Dome Camera

Amazon Price: $31.91 This pet camera offers a high-definition lens, and a 360-degree viewing field. You also get clear two-way audio communication capabilities, a noise filter, and active motion tracking that can be rendered in short video clips. The affordable price makes it a nice choice for budget-conscious families.

Eyenimal Cat/Dog Videocam

Amazon Price: $101.83

Here’s the neat thing about this amazingly lightweight camera: Compact pets can actually wear it. So if you have a small-breed canine – or even, as the name suggests, an inquisitive kitty — you can track action from their firsthand perspective. The water-resistant casing stands up to sprinkles and splashes. The device also has night-vision capabilities, and records both video and audio.

Furbo Dog Camera

Amazon Price: $199.00

Want to toss your furry friend a tasty treat? Here’s the camera for you. It keeps you and your pet connected, with a handy two-way “chat” feature that dispenses a reassuring snack on demand. You also get a roomy wide-angle view of your canine’s space. Want barking alerts sent straight to your smartphone? No problem. If Rover is facing the camera, you even get a notification that lets you capture a super-cute “selfie.”

Petzi Treat Cam Amazon Price: $99.68

Here’s another great treat-dispensing option. It’s Wi-Fi connected, and the Petzi app lets you provide a yummy tidbit for your pet. The inventive launcher works with most pieces of kibble, or dry treats smaller than about ¾-inch in diameter. The camera itself features night vision, voice communication capabilities, and several different mounting alternatives.

PetChatz HD Pet Camera Amazon Price: $329.99

The price tag on this camera reflects an impressive abundance of features you won’t necessarily find on other options. You get two-way, person-to-pooch “conversation” with live video streaming. The device detects sound and motion within your monitored space. And here’s a game-changer: It dispenses calming essential oils that can help soothe your canine or kitty via scent. Another inventive feature? The “PawCall” button, which actually lets your furry friend contact YOU by tapping a lit-up button you place within easy reach.

Pawbo Life Pet Camera

Amazon Price: $149.00

This camera provides a substantial number of features for the price. You get 720p HD video recording and photography, with an ultra-wide lens. Grab your pet’s attention with a customizable, built-in ringtone. Deliver praise or gentle reprimands through the microphone. Reward your buddy with a tidbit from the built-in treat tray. Want to provide some exercise? You also get a lively laser dot chase option that can be set to “manual” or “automatic” mode. Here’s the tail-wagging takeaway: Today’s pet cameras help create a safe and reassuring environment for any animal companion. The features are getting more diverse and advanced all the time. And you can choose from plenty of convenient product options.

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Written by Marybeth Bittel


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