Pupparazzi: Five Tips for Perfect Pet Photos

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Sparky Steps - Pupparazzi: Five Tips for Perfect Pet Photos

Pupparazzi: Five Tips for Perfect Pet Photos

These days, everybody wants to snap a perfect pet photo to upload to Facebook or Instagram. But many times, photographing that perfect picture seems challenging. If the idea of a pooch photo shoot fills you with dread, read on to learn more about how to capture a shot that is truly share-worthy!
  1. Camera Shy: Be sure to slowly introduce your dog to your camera and the sounds it might make. Sometimes new sounds, like that of a camera shutter clicking, can frighten dogs. Some dogs also become super interested in the camera itself and want to examine the lens, not leaving enough room for you to snap great photos. Allowing your pet time to adjust to your camera will make sure your photos don’t bomb on picture day!
  2. Good Exposure: Don’t be afraid to get on your pet’s level in order to get some great shots! This view will make your photos more interesting and your dog’s appearance more flattering as he won’t have to look up at the camera. Dogs with long noses are best photographed from the side, while dogs with flatter noses are best photographed from the front. Keep that in mind when you’re trying to get your dog’s best side!
  3. View finder: Your dog will photograph best when he is simply being himself. While it may seem easier to coax your dog into a stay position and then snap away, that doesn’t show off your pet’s true personality! If your dog loves toys, include his favorite KONG in the photo. If your dog likes to lie around all day, photographing him in his comfy pillow bed might be the way to go. If you have an adventure-loving pup, grab your camera and take off outside. Wildflowers and woodlands make some great backgrounds!
  4. Focus: Keep your photo set distraction-free. People and other dogs can keep your pup from listening to you—the photographer! While treats can be a great incentive, if your dog is driven by food, treats can quickly become a distraction. If your pet is jumping and running to you for treats, it’s better to wait until after the photoshoot to reward your dog.
  5. Energy Burst: Give your pet time to burn off his energy before you begin snapping away. A walk before the photo session will make any pup much more cooperative. We can help! Sparky Steps offers 15 minute, half hour, 45 minute, and hour-long walks.

Say Cheese! If you follow these tips, you’re much more likely to capture your dog at his best. So grab your camera and get ready for a furry photo shoot!


Written by Mara Cobb

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