The Science Behind Why Our Dogs Love Us So Darn Much

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Sparky Steps - The Science Behind Why Our Dogs Love Us So Darn Much

The Science Behind Why Our Dogs Love Us So Darn Much

If you have a dog, then you know that feeling when you look down at your fur baby and you just can’t even fathom how something could love you so unconditionally.

As it turns out, you’re right about that love, and there’s science to back it up.

Dogs and humans have been linked together for thousands of years, so much so, that there is research to prove that our two species have adapted together. Although dogs are almost genetically identical to wolves, there are important differences. Scientists have found that on chromosome six, there are three genes are code for hyper-sociability in dogs. In humans, these genes are linked to sweetness. The gene also is found in humans with Williams-Beuren syndrome. People with Williams-Beuren are especially social and friendly, just like dogs. If you own a dog, then you also know that dogs spend most of their lives sniffing out the world around them. This plays a huge role in their love for us. Dogs see the world based on smells, and a study conducted by Emory University found that dog’s reward centers of the brain light up when they smell their owners.


Oxytocin Gaze

A 2015 study from Japan also showed that humans and dogs share a ‘oxytocin-gaze positive loop'. Essentially what this means is that when humans and dogs make eye contact or make physical contact, oxytocin registers in our brains, giving us and them a happy feeling. Lastly, a 2016 study proved our inklings that our dogs understand our emotions. The study shows that usually emotional perception is only available among animals in the same species, dogs are able to perceive our emotions. The study showed that dogs can use their senses to tell whether or not their owners are expressing positive or negative emotions. This might help solve the mystery as to why dogs always try to comfort you if you’re upset or sick. Or why they can reach your energy level when you’re happy.


Unconditional Love

So the next time your dog is wagging its tail, or kissing away your tears, or seemingly smiling at you, they are. They’re perceiving your emotions and just like human-to-human interactions, they’re playing off of emotions. The unconditional love part though? That’s something only dogs have. And that is why we love them so darn much. Here at Sparky Steps, we know how important your relationship is with your dog and we take it seriously. That’s why we take care of your pet as if they were our own. Check out the pet services we offer to see if one of them fits with you and your dog’s needs. Our trained and trustworthy caretakers will treat you with the same love you give your dogs.


Written by Kaitlyn Luckow

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