5 Fun Activities for your Dog in the Fall

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Sparky Steps - 5 Fun Activities for your Dog in the Fall

5 Fun Activities for your Dog in the Fall

Who doesn’t love fall? The leaves are changing colors, spooky programs are coming onto television and you can watch football every Sunday! While there are many fun fall-themed activities for you to indulge in, Sparky Steps wants to provide you with some autumn-inspired fun for your dog!
  1. Leaf piles!
The classics never get old. Raking up all of those leaves can be a pain, but having a dog makes it more fun. Throw the good old tennis ball into your pile and watch as your pooch nosedives right on in. They’re sure to come out with a proud smirk on their face after finding the ball, and can we really blame them?
  1. Bake some Spooky Dog Treats
Pintrest and other social media sites are packed with Halloween-themed snacks for humans this time of year. From severed-finger hot dogs to eyeball cookies, there are quite a few to choose from! Why not bake up some tasty treats for your pup to gobble up? It’ll be a surefire way to put your pooch in the Halloween spirit! Check out the list below for some ideas, or share your own with us:
  1. Pumpkin Patch/Apple Orchard
There are dog-friendly pumpkin patches and apple orchards throughout Chicagoland to bring your pup to. Let them get out and exercise, while you pick out some huge pumpkins and juicy apples.
  1. Costume Time!
Dressing up is truly a staple of Halloween, and is a perfect time to flaunt the perfect costume combo with your dog! Post a pic of you and your sidekick on your favorite social media platform and share it with us! Be sure to use the hashtags #SparkySteps #SparkAndBark #SparkyStepsCostumeContest
  1. Take your dog Trick-Or-Treating

Once you have the perfect getup for your pooch, it’s time to hit the town! Neighborhood kids and grown-ups alike will surely love to see your dog looking their spookiest! Be sure to take lots of pictures (and get some candy while you’re at it)! Happy Fall from all of us here at Sparky Steps!


Written by Christian Harvey

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