5 Safety Tips for your dog this Halloween

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Sparky Steps - 5 Safety Tips for your dog this Halloween

5 Safety Tips for your dog this Halloween

Halloween is coming up, and it’s sure to be a spook-tastic time! We here at Sparky Steps love Halloween, and are excited to introduce our first annual costume contest! Plus, we wanted to give all dog owners some tips to ensure your pup has a safe and enjoyable holiday.


Don’t leave candy or chocolate out

Trick-Or-Treating is always essential when it comes to Halloween. Free candy? Awesome costumes? Score! But, it’s important to make sure that your dog can’t get to any of your succulent sweets, as they could make them very sick Keep your candy out of reach, and enjoy!


Be wary of decorations that dangle, or have exposed wires

Some puppers may try to chew on decorations. Be careful to ensure that your dog can’t harm themselves trying to defend the home from your giant spider or inflatable dragon (yes, that’s a decoration we’ve seen at Home Depot, look it up).


Try to keep your dog calm

Hey, it’s super stressful on a pup to have to listen to the doorbell ring and ring! Especially when the perpetrators are ghosts, monsters and other creatures! Try to take steps to keep your dog as relaxed as possible when the kids come knocking. Keep them in another room, give them treats or get them out of the house by taking them trick-or-treating.


Make sure your dog’s costume is comfortable

As tempting as it will be to dress up your weiner dog as a hot dog, ensure that it fits correctly. You don’t want the sesame seed buns pressing too tight against your pup’s body, or any costume to restrict movement or cause discomfort or pain. Listen to your dog’s body language and make sure they’re okay with the costume.


Keep your dog on a leash during Trick-Or-Treating

Your dog will surely want to get out there and do some trick-or-treating of their own. While it will be glorious to walk around with your dressed-up doggo, make sure you’re taking the correct safety precautions. Keep your dog on his/her leash and make sure they don’t run off to chase after Freddy or Jason! Although those costumes creep us out too. Have a super enjoyable Halloween! Be sure to participate in our Costume Contest! Post pictures of you and your pup dressed up and use the hashtags #SparkySteps #SparkAndBark #SparkyStepsCostumeContest 


Written by Christian Harvey

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