Dog Friendly and Unfriendly Halloween Treats!

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Sparky Steps - Dog Friendly and Unfriendly Halloween Treats!

Dog Friendly and Unfriendly Halloween Treats!

Halloween is right around the corner, and so are all those delicious Halloween treats and candies that’ll last through to Thanksgiving! Discounted bags of chocolates, trick-or-treaters, office parties, citywide celebrations -- Halloween is full of sugary and baked goodness that will have our kitchens filled to the brim with snacks. And while we’re indulging, our furry friends are sure to have their puppy dog eyes and adorable snouts right next to us, begging for any little taste they can get or for the split second we turn our backs. But we must proceed with caution! Our canine companions’ stomachs just don’t work in the same way ours do, and an emergency run to the vet isn’t what we envision when we think of a Halloween scare. To keep your dogs happy (and safe), we’ve listed a few popular Halloween treats with some helpful tips on whether or not you should be sharing.



We’ve mentioned this one before on our post, “5 Halloween Safety Tips,” but we simply cannot emphasize the importance of keeping the abundance of chocolate that is usually around during Halloween away from our pups. Chocolate and anything that is derived from the cacao bean contain substances called methylxanthines, which are extremely toxic to our beloved pups. Dark chocolate and baking chocolate contain the highest levels of this substance. Even a nibble of any chocolate can result in vomiting and diarrhea, while larger amounts can result in abnormal heart beats, seizures, and possible death. A little too scary -- even on Halloween! Let’s keep the chocolate safely stored in a high cabinet.


Sugary candies

This category definitely lands in the top two types of treats left in our homes around Halloween. Unfortunately for our four-legged companions, xylitol is used as a sweetening agent in many of our candies. This ingredient causes an insulin release in our dogs, which can ultimately lead to liver failure. If your pup gets his or her paws on a treat with xylitol, keep a close eye out for loss of coordination, vomiting, and decreased energy. Over the course of a few days, these signs can progress to seizures and eventual liver failure. Let’s also keep these candies with the chocolates -- far out of a paw’s reach.



Though we doubt many (any?!) of us are downing sticks of cinnamon, the ingredient seems to pop up in a pretty wide variety of treats around Halloween. While cinnamon isn’t toxic to dogs, it also isn’t very nice to them. The ingredient irritates their mouths and lowers their blood sugar, which can lead to vomiting and diarrhea, abnormal heart beat, and liver disease. Your pups may think they want that cinnamon flavored goodness, but for their own sake, we can’t give in to those adorable faces on this one.



Surprise! An ingredient that is used in many creative Halloween decorations, candies, and treats that our pups can actually eat! As long as our furry friends aren’t gnawing on the furry husks, the insides of a coconut -- including coconut water and coconut milk -- are great for them. These fruits contain lauric which boosts their immune systems, can help with puppy breath, flea allergies, and skin conditions like itchy skin. What a great Halloween surprise!



Here’s another popular Halloween ingredient that is absolutely fantastic for our canine companions. This fruit is loaded with vitamins that are great for our dogs like vitamins C and A, magnesium, zinc, potassium, and iron. They’re also high in fiber and low in cholesterol and fat. In other words, it boosts their immune systems, provides a natural solution to an upset stomach, and makes their coats shinier. Your pups can eat these from a can or raw, so there’s no rush to pull the pumpkin carvings away from their curious noses.



Mmm, from s’mores to Halloween themed Peeps, marshmallows begin to make a revival around Halloween. There’s really not much to say about this one, considering the nature of what marshmallows are made of (basically puffed up balls of sugar and gelatin). They’re not terrible for your pup, but they’re also not beneficial to them. Keep an eye out for that sweetener we mentioned before, xylitol. But otherwise, a few marshmallows couldn’t hurt! Just remember, moderation is key with this treat. We hope this quick guide gives you all a little insight into how to safely enjoy Halloween treats with your furry friends! Keep the harmful treats locked away, and keep the good treats down to a moderate level. And don’t forget to keep your pup active after indulging in all of Halloween’s sugary and baked goodness!


Written by Saarah Monawvil

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