7 Significant Reasons to Hire a Professional Cat Sitter

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Sparky Steps - 7 Significant Reasons to Hire a Professional Cat Sitter

7 Significant Reasons to Hire a Professional Cat Sitter

If you are one of the 57.81 million people who have a cat in their household, then you know the pure joy of having a feline companion.<1> And if you are also one of the 62 percent of Americans who traveled or took a vacation away from home in the past year, you also know the angst of leaving your precious tabby behind.<2> Sure, you could box up your cat and drag them to an unfamiliar boarding location, but we all know that these fun furry pets can be finicky. The last thing you want to come home to after you are away is an angry cat who has been unable to eat or sleep properly because they were kept for days in unknown surroundings. This is the perfect time to consider a reliable and dependable cat sitting service.


7 Benefits of Hiring a Professional

As a lover of cats, you know that trying to get your pet into a carrier to take to a kennel-type facility can be quite traumatic for the animal. When kept in a strange location, your cat may experience anxiety from different sounds, a new environment, and even questionable scents. Keeping cats at home and having a professional pet sitter come to your house is much less stressful for you and your cat. These are just some of the reasons to consider expert in-home care:
  1. Companionship

Hiring a pet sitter specialist provides human company for your cat while you are away. A skilled pet sitter will devote time playing, pampering, and loving your beloved animal. Even if your cat is shy, a proficient pet sitter will sit and talk to your kitty and entice them to interact to enhance their well-being.
  1. Routine

It should come as no surprise to learn that our feline friends prefer a regular routine, especially with meal times. Hiring a professional pet sitter will keep your cat on the similar schedule they are used to and provide consistency when you are unable to be at home.
  1. Safety

Employing an adept cat sitter who visits daily will also significantly reduce the chance of accidents. Cats have a way of getting into mischief, such as getting stuck in a closet with the door closed, caught up in window blinds, or stuck between furniture. Without adequate and constant in-person checks, your cat could become a danger to themselves and household possessions. A cat can tip over houseplants, knock down picture frames, or push over any other breakable items left on a shelf. So, on the off chance your kitty manages to break something, a pet sitter will check to ensure that they are not hurt, alert you, and clean up the mess. Cats are also notorious escape artists. If your cat feels threatened or uncomfortable, they may attempt to get out while you’re away. It is estimated that only 74% of lost cats are ever returned to their original home.<3> Hiring a capable pet sitter from a reliable company can eliminate the risk of escape by keeping your cat fed, comfortable, and content.
  1. Playtime

A qualified pet caretaker ensures your cat has personal attention and playtime, too. If your cat is not into toys, then an experienced sitter will spend time interacting, talking, or cuddling with your treasured animal.
  1. Litter Box Cleaning

Let’s be honest…. we all know daily litter box cleaning is a must. If a litter box is allowed to get full, your cat will likely find another place to go. These domesticated animals do not like dirty boxes to do their business and no owner likes to come home to a big mess throughout the home.
  1. Brushing

Brushing, especially for long-haired pussycats is usually a daily requirement. Unlike a friend or family member who may be in a hurry, a knowledgeable cat sitter understands that this is a necessity to keeping your pet happy and groomed during your absence.
  1. Health

Staying in their own house reduces the chance of illness for your cats. In a home setting they will not be exposed to other pets (or people) who may be sick. Additionally, cats are sensitive to weather. When you’re leaving town for a winter getaway or taking advantage of summer break, the climate can change in a second. Without someone to check in daily, your kitty may be in danger of overheating or enduring freezing temperatures. By securing regular home checks, your cat will remain comfortable, healthy, and content.


Sparky Steps Equals Peace of Mind

Whether you’re going out of town or working really long hours, our caring team can provide peace of mind that your pets will be well-cared for. At Sparky Steps we provide expert home cat care. Going away should be relaxing. Knowing a professional will be there to provide your pet with basic care, love, and affection will allow you to enjoy your time away. When you hire the experts at Sparky Steps to take care of your cat, we do much more than just put out food and water. Our trained staff makes it their priority to understand and love all animals. We understand your cat’s subtle behavior cues and we have the skills to make every pet feel safe and relaxed while you are away.


Individualized Plans

Our attentive caretakers at Sparky Steps can customize a pet sitting program to meet your needs and your cat’s desires. We have expertise in working with all types of pet personalities and you can rely on us to fulfill your care requests. Our visits include a variety of services from feeding and refreshing water bowls, to cleaning litter boxes, to administering medications, as well as playing and providing comfort to your pet. With Sparky Steps, your cat is in kind, attentive, and loving hands. Sparky Steps’ philosophy is to always put the animal’s needs first. We strive to create a socially responsible community and we are committed to increasing awareness that shelter pets are up for adoption. Our promise is to always treat your pet as one of our own. Sparky Steps is here to help. 


Written by Audrey Beim


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