Allergy Season vs Food Allergies

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Sparky Steps - Allergy Season vs Food Allergies

Allergy Season vs Food Allergies

Allergy season is in full force with the nice weather approaching. While it is easy for us to notice when the runny nose, itchy eye days are upon us, it is difficult to decipher what our dogs are feeling. You may not realize it, but our four-legged friends may be experiencing allergies too. It is important to notice the signs of seasonal or food allergies. According to PetMD, please be aware that dogs can experience similar symptoms for food and seasonal allergies which may cause you to delay possible treatment.



  • Constant chewing/licking paws
  • ear/head shaking
  • constant itching
  • discomfort
  • decreased appetite
  • and more

From my personal experience, my dog, Mia, started chewing and licking her paws one day and I assumed her allergies were kicking in for the season. After a few days of the paw chewing, Mia began to shake her head and began scratching her ears. At this point, I knew that a visit to her veterinarian was necessary. We discovered that Mia was suffering from an ear infection. An ear infection is another symptom of an allergy, but what type of allergy was my girl experiencing?


My Experience

My vet mentioned that it was allergy season, and while many dogs have seasonal allergies, she asked me about Mia’s habits, and if her diet had changed at all. I realized that I did buy some new treats for Mia after a pet store visit. Since at this point we did not know if it was the season or her diet, I was recommended to try and isolate different treats from Mia’s diet to really gauge what was causing her discomfort. After careful examination for several weeks, we realized the ear infection was rooted from Mia’s allergy to one of her dog treats. If you have decided to change treats, bones, dog food, or any other substances– it is important to keep an eye on your dog to make sure they are not giving you signs of an allergy. Since both allergies show similar symptoms, I would suggest documenting the signs and symptoms your dog has been showing and see if there is a correlation between a new diet or a change of season. For more details about food allergies, please check out this article from modern dog magazine. If you are unsure whether your dog has allergies or a food allergy, please visit your veterinarian today. Do you have dog treats or food recommendations? Let us and the Sparky Steps Community know on our Facebook page! Mia will thank you. Please note that this article is based on my experience only and should not be taken as the sole medical advice for your animal. Please see your vet for all medical questions.


Written by Kathryn Minniti

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