Best Local Holiday Gifts For Your Dog

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Best Local Holiday Gifts For Your Dog

In the last couple of years, there has been a huge push to shop local during the holiday season. Movements such as #ShopLocal have encouraged supporting local businesses and supporting your community. And you know if your dog could shop, they would want to do the same. So, it’s time to make their dreams come true. Here’s a list of our must-have holiday dog gifts this season. And the best part? They can all be found from local Chicago businesses.


Happy Dog Bakery--12 Treats of Christmas Box

Are you ready to see the cutest thing of the holiday season? Check out this box of 12 different cookies for your dog. Each cookies is decorated for the Christmas season and every single one is a different flavor. The flavors for this year haven’t been announced yet, but last year they included bacon & spinach trees and licorice drops.


For Dog’s Sake--Bowsers Buttercup Beds

This adorable dog bed comes in a peppermint pattern that is perfect for the holidays! This bed can be used flat or open, which provides your dog with a variety of sleeping situations. It’s machine washable and comes in a variety of sizes to fit your dog. Can’t you just picture your pup laying in this in front of the fire?


Bentley’s Pet Stuff--Preppy Puppy Bliss Bites

You’re going to be lounging around on Christmas day with a platter full of cookies, don’t lie. Wouldn’t it just be fair that your dog gets their own platter of treats? Bentley’s Pet Stuff has a whole section of dog bakery, but these Puppy Bliss Bites look good enough for you to eat!


Sophisticated Pup--Chicago Flag Bandana

Have your pup share their love for Chicago all year round with this adorable bandana that has the Chicago flag on it! If you’re not interested in this design, the shop has 12 more for you to choose from!


Paw Naturals--Tall Tails Blanket Hunters Plaid

The weather is getting cooler and Chicago, your dog will love you if you get it its own blanket. If your dog loves to burrow and dig too, this blanket is perfect. The material of the blanket is fleece to help your dog feel cozy and safe. It’s perfect to use in a crate or bed. It’s also in adorable plaid pattern that’s perfect for the holidays.


4 Legs Pet Store--Jax & Bones Rope Toys

4 Legs carries the brand Jax & Bones which makes these awesome toys made out of solely ropes. They’re perfect for dogs who tear apart every toy you give them. While they’re not totally indestructible, your dog will have to solve the puzzle of untying the knots. The toys come in the cutest shapes, like this heart chain one.


Happy Holidays Everyone!


Written by Kaitlyn Luckow

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