A Bodyguard Breed: A Guide to the Cane Corso

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Carrie Pallardy
 Cane Corso Breed Guide
The Cane Corso is a large breed that commands attention with its powerful body and regal appearance. Like many large dogs, Cane Corsos look intimidating but exhibit a loving, gentle personality. Their physical stature and fierce loyalty make Cane Corsi excellent guard dogs. Take a look back at the breed’s ancient history and learn how to take care of Cane Corso today. 
Ancient Lineage
The mastiff ancestors of the Cane Corsi were bred as guard dogs in ancient Greece, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC). The Roman Empire eventually took these dogs back to Italy where they were cross-bred with other dogs. Over time, the breed took on many jobs, from guard duty to hunting and herding.
World War I and World War II decimated the Cane Corso population in Italy. Many dogs were left behind as men left home to fight, and many were likely killed during the wars. A small number of the breed survived in remote parts of the country and eventually made come back through a concerted effort by those who love the breed.
Cane Corso roughly translates to “guardian dog” in Latin, an appropriate name for this loyal breed. The AKC officially welcomed Cane Corsi into its working group in 2010.
Cane Corso
Physical Specs: Big and Powerful
Cane Corsi are big dogs, often tipping the scales at more than 100 pounds. These bundles of muscle look sleek and powerful with long legs and broad, serious faces. Cane Corsi often have cropped ears and docked tails. They can be monochrome in colors like black, red, and grey. They can also have coats in a brindle pattern or black or grey with splashes of white on their bodies. 
A Loyal Breed
The Cane Corso is a highly affectionate dog that forges strong bonds with its owners. That bond makes them eager to please. But, you can expect to find an independent streak in the Cane Corso. It is important to remain patient and consistent while training this breed. Though large, a Cane Corso can learn to be gentle with the right socialization.
 Cane Corso
Caring for a Cane Corso
Cane Corsi are not content to be lazy, over-sized lap dogs. These athletic dogs need regular exercise to maintain muscle tone and burn off energy. Regular runs and long walks are an important part of their routine. They can also make great biking and hiking companions.
Aside from physical exercise, regular brushings and baths, as well as the occasional nail trim, are important for the care of a Cane Corso.
Rescue organizations like Cane Corso Rescue help match owners with this breed for both fostering and adoption.

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