A Smart and Tireless Breed: A Guide to the Border Collie

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Carrie Pallardy
Border Collies routinely top the list of the smartest dog breeds. The Border Collie Chaser actually earned the nickname of “the smartest dog in the world.” This pup remembered more than 1,000 different nouns. While not every Border Collie is a genius like Chaser, this breed is strikingly intelligent and exhibits a nearly inexhaustible exuberance. Get to know the smarty pants of the canine world.

A Sheepdog Legacy

Modern Border Collies are often employed as sheepdogs, and that talent goes back for generations. This breed springs from sheepdogs used in England and Scotland. These dogs were initially known as simply collies. Queen Victoria took an interest in these dogs in the 1800s, according to Modern Dog Magazine.
Eventually, these sheepdogs developed into different categories: working dogs and show dogs. The Border Collie remains to this day a working dog.

A Black and White Breed

Border Collie guide


Border Collies are typically thought of as black and white pups, but they can come in different shades, like brindle, gold, and red. Regardless of the color, these dogs are recognizable thanks to their inquisitive eyes and perky ears. Their thick double coat will require regular care to keep it shiny and healthy.
The breed is relatively slight at just 30 to 55 pounds, according to the American Kennel Club. Border Collies have an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years, most of which they will want to spend being as active as possible.

A Workaholic Reputation

The intelligence of the Border Collie that makes it so intriguing to many people is a part of what drives these dogs to stay on the move. They have a reputation as the workaholics of the dog world, and with good reason. These dogs need rigorous daily exercise. A walk around the block or a run in the yard won’t cut it. If a Border Collie isn’t put to work as a sheepdog, he will excel at activities like agility training and Frisbee.
If a Border Collie has adequate outlets for her energy, she will be a happy and healthy dog. The breed is known to be highly affectionate and playful. They are also adaptable, getting along well with kids and other pets when properly trained.

A Border Collie at Home

Border Collie


All dogs are a commitment, but Border Collies are likely more work than your average pup. These dogs cannot be left alone all day without stimulation and some way to put their intelligence and energy to good use. A relationship with a Border Collie can be incredibly rewarding, but be sure you have the time and energy.
Rescue organizations like Come Bye Border Collie Rescue and Collie Rescue of Greater Illinois operate out of the Midwest. Check their adoption pages for pups who need a loving home.



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