Holiday Gifts Your Dog Will Love

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Sparky Steps - Holiday Gifts Your Dog Will Love

Holiday Gifts Your Dog Will Love

The most magical time of the year is back! For many of us in the Chicagoland area, the holiday season is in full force -- and so is the mad dash to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones to share in the holiday cheer! Included on that list, of course, are our ever-joyous canine companions. But how do we find the perfect gift? Sparky Steps is here to help, with some holiday gift ideas we’re sure your pup will love!
  • Dog Bones - Dogs sure do love gnawing on those bone treats! During this time of year, you can find them in all shapes, sizes, and flavors -- even candy cane shaped bones! It’s a tasty treat that will keep your pup entertained for days. But be sure to keep an eye on your pet if you do decide to go this route. The FDA recently reported that about 90 dogs have fallen seriously ill (or worse) from swallowing or choking on pieces of bone treats. To keep your pup happy and healthy, remember to buy bones that are 100% natural with no harmful additives or preservatives; keep them away from brittle bones like chicken or turkey bones that they could easily swallow in large chunks; and make sure you’re not gifting the bone treat to a pup who regularly forgets to chew!
  • Plush Toys - Fun for them, a cute sight for us! Plush toys come in all shapes and sizes, and our furry friends love them all! And though the humans in the household may not love the sound of a squeaker, dogs do truly enjoy them. Just make sure they’re not choking on any solid bits and pieces sewn into the toys.
  • Rope toys - These give our furry friends the gnawing satisfaction of a dog bone, with the pliability of a plush toy. The choking risk is low with this toy, and you can even use it to play tug of war or fetch with your buddy! These also come in a variety, so keep an eye out for exciting rope toys that are combined with tennis balls or squeakers.
  • Dog Bed - Sure, dogs can fall asleep just about anywhere, and many of us love sharing our beds with them. Despite all of this, they still do appreciate having their own cozy beds! Keeping these clean can sometimes be a challenge, so a replacement every once in a while keeps things both clean and exciting for your pup! Some of the more enclosed dog beds can even provide them with their own little home within our homes.
  • Puzzle Food Dispensers - This gift provides mental stimulation by exercising your furry friend’s brainpower -- and by rewarding them for their hard work! Dogs enjoy the excitement of these puzzles, which come in a various styles, because it taps into their natural hunting instincts. You can also use these to slow down your pup’s food consumption rate, or just for treats!
  • A Walker - In the end, the best gifts for our canine companions are those that engage them physically and mentally. We know how busy the holiday season keeps us all, and a local dog walker would love to make sure your pup receives all the exercise and excitement (s)he deserves!

We hope this list helps you find the perfect gift for the special pups in your life. And from all of us at Sparky Steps -- we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season!


Written by Saarah Monawvil

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