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We interviewed Leanne & Tim from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada with their pet Freya, A.K.A. @MY.FRIEND.FREYA on Instagram!

Tell us about Freya!

" Freya is a female Pitbull boxer (75% Pitbull, 25% boxer). She’s got the face, slim build, and energy of a boxer, with the height, raptor tail, and cuddly nature of a Pitbull. Because of her unique features, people assume she’s a boxer puppy. She was born May 18, 2018 on a farm outside Battleford, SK Canada. She’s smart, catches on to tricks quickly, and loves spending time with us.”

Who are you? What are you about! 

“We’re two working professionals in the midst of getting settled in Saskatoon. We originally lived in Battleford, SK. I made the move to Saskatoon in October 2019 to begin my new job. Tim is commuting from Battleford and hoping to find work in Saskatoon in the near future. We love camping, trying new restaurants, and spending time with family and friends.”

Where did you meet?

" We were talking about getting a dog and had begun to look for one. We visited a few shelters and did some research on different breeds. Tim came across an ad on a Facebook buy and sell page for the cutest Pitbull boxer puppies on a farm in Battleford, SK. Tim said “we’re just going to look”. He’s hilarious 🤣🤣🤣. Once we arrived at the farm, it was hot and the puppies were all trying to stay cool in the shade in their pen. Freya was curious and the only puppy to venture out to meet us. It was love at first sight for me 🥰. We drove back into the city to think it over, but it didn’t take us long to decide that we wanted her. When we messaged the breeder to say we wanted her, Freya had been spoken for by one of their family members! I was devastated but insisted we go back to the farm anyway. Maybe it wasn’t too late. I begged them to reconsider. Freya was already my baby. The breeder could sense the love we had for her and on July 21st, 2018 we took her home. On the way home we discussed names. As I got to pick the puppy, Tim got to choose her name. We didn’t have any in mind and not something we discussed much. He said “how about Freya”? Nothing else came to mind and it fit her perfectly. It was the easiest decision we ever made.”

Tell us a story!

" Freya is jumpy, loving, and playful with everyone and everything she meets. She loves going for walks, visiting the dog park, stealing socks, playing tug of war or fetch, destroying toys, cuddling, and sleeping with us aka taking up the whole bed! She’s less excited about being in her kennel (aka the sin bin), brooms and vacuums, swimming, and Tim’s 1968 Pontiac Beaumont (it’s loud!!!). You can find her most often sitting near a sunny window, watching over the neighborhood, or cuddled up sleeping in her bed. Calm and collected with us, crazy and excited when company arrives.”

What do you think it means to be a pet? What is a pet's purpose in this life?

"Pets provide an abundance of unconditional love. You’ll never know this kind of love until you have a pet. They’re overjoyed to see you whether it’s been 5 hours or 5 minutes. Their happiness can turn your day around instantly. And when they’re cuddled up next to you, you’ll never feel more safe and warm.”

How does Freya spark joy in your life?

Freya is always happy and ready to take on the day. Whether that’s being adventurous outside, or just chilling and watching tv. She makes life exciting and keeps us on our toes daily. She provides infinite hugs, kisses, and cuddles whenever you want or need them, and also when you don’t lol. When she’s not with us, the house is too quiet and feels like something is missing. We can’t imagine our lives without her.

What do you think are the most pressing issues that are in the pet industry today?

"Puppy Mills”

Do you think it's more important to talk about the issues or act on them? 

"Act: Volunteer or donate to help the animals out there in need.”
Thank you for your response Freya sounds awesome and sweet. Thank you for interviewing with us! We hope this will Spark someone to go out and make a difference in an animal’s life. We are so lucky to have doggies in our life. Stay safe my friends!
- Sparky Steps

Find them on Instagram @MY.FRIEND.FREYA

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