Summertime Fun Activities

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Sparky Steps - Summertime Fun Activities

Summertime Fun Activities

Summer is finally here, Chicago. Roll down the windows, let our tongues hang out, and tails wag while the wind swiftly runs through our furry ears, because it is time for some summertime activities! Here are several ideas for you and your pup this summer. So let’s get the paw-ty started!


Parks, hiking, & road trips, oh my!

Amy Steinkhul is making sure her active boy, Theo, has days filled with fun and adventure! Amy and Theo’s favorite summer activities include: dog parks, hiking, and "bye-byes" also known as car rides. Plus they have a road trip planned together! Safety first: To ensure they are safe in the summer heat, Amy makes sure there is ample amount of water for them. If you want to be like Amy and bring your dog to the dog park, check out some Chicago parks here.



My second interviewee is a new puppy owner, so this summer will be filled with fun trials to see what they enjoy most. Tony Knickmeyer says, “I think our favorite summertime activity will be playing fetch with her ball. Hailey is incredibly fast when she gets moving, but we will have to find out how much she will enjoy it once she warms up to her new home.” Safety first: When asked about safety precautions for a summertime puppy, Tony plans to keep Hailey in a closed off location with water always present.


Boat Rides

Take Fido for a ride they will never forget! Seadog Cruises is a dog-friendly river boat cruise located in Chicago. There is no charge for your furry date as long as they are leashed. Safety first: With a possibility of large crowds, be sure your dog does not get stressed or scared too easily or this may not be for them.


Lunch/Dinner Dates

Want to wine and dine with your furry pal? Here is a list of pet-friendly restaurants in Chicago.


Beach Time

Pack a cooler and a bag filled with toys, treats, and refreshments and spend a day out at the beach. Safety First: Be sure to check the dog policy at your local beach for leash rules. Pack extra water and an umbrella for shade to keep cool.


Snooze Fest

Not all dogs enjoy being active in the summer heat. Take my own dog for example. Mia spends days sun tanning on our backyard lounge chair, and afternoon napping inside with the air conditioning. While she goes on weekly walks, she prefers the relaxing lifestyle in the summer.

How do you and your pet intend to enjoy this summer? Feel free to leave comments below or let us know on Facebook or Instagram! #SparkySteps #SummertimePupTime @SparkySteps #Chicago #Pawtytime


Written by Kathryn Minniti

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