Thanksgiving Leftovers Your Pets Can (and Can't) Eat

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Sparky Steps - Leftovers Your Pets Can (and Can’t) Eat

Leftovers Your Pets Can (and Can’t) Eat

Turkey Day was just last week. Leftovers are a-plenty, and can seem overwhelming at times. Our pets serve many purposes in our households, and disposing of unwanted food is one of their greatest strengths. However, be careful which Thanksgiving favorites you feed them! Below is a quick guide on which foods are okay for them to eat, and which are not.


Turkey- Yes (for the most part)

Turkey can be a very healthy food for your dog. The meat of the turkey is packed with protein and other nutrients that are essential for a canine’s health. However, there are precautions that must be taken when feeding your dog turkey. For one, ensure that the meat hasn’t been overly seasoned with things like oils and various seasonings. These cooking ingredients may enhance the flavor for humans, but can prove to be too much on a pup’s system. Also, do not give your dog any of the turkey skin. Turkey skin could potentially lead to pancreatitis or other complications. Turkey bones are very brittle, so make sure that they aren’t consumed by your pet.


Stuffing- No

Stuffing is without a doubt one of the most savory parts of any Thanksgiving dinner. However, the primary ingredients found in this dish are extremely harmful to your pets. Stuffing is often made with garlic, onions and other harmful substances for dogs and cats. Play it safe and pack the stuffing for lunch instead.


Cranberry sauce- No

Cranberry sauce often contains way too much sugar for dogs or cats to handle. Some variations also call for ingredients that can be very dangerous to our companion animals, including raisins, nuts and more.


Green beans & Carrots- Yes

Regular green beans are a very healthy snack for pets. However, avoid giving them green bean casserole. Green bean casseroles often incorporate various forms of mushroom or onion, both of which are very harmful for pets. Plain carrots are also a nice crunchy choice for our pets to munch on.


Potatoes- Maybe

Potatoes by themselves are fine for pets. Where it gets tricky is when things like butter or milk are added. Pets can have a harder time processing dairy, which can lead to complications. However, many potato dishes are made with garlic or onion, both of which are toxic to animals. Every animal is different, this list is meant to serve as a guideline. We here at Sparky Steps want to ensure all of our companion animals are as healthy as can be! We hope you had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving. Please feel free to share your Thanksgiving photos with us using the hashtags #SparkySteps.


Written by Christian Harvey




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