The Gray Ghost: A Weimaraner Breed Guide

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Carrie Pallardy
 The Gray Ghost: A Weimaraner Breed Guide
The Weimaraner is a popular breed, and you might recognize their soulful eyes from the work of famous photographer William Wegman. In addition to their history as artistic models, these large dogs also have a hunting history. Weimaraners are similar in appearance to other hunting breeds, like the Vizsla or the German shorthaired pointer, but are easily recognizable thanks to their beautiful grey coats. Take a look at the breed’s history and learn what to expect when you welcome a Weimaraner into your life.

Noble Hunters

Weimaraners are pointers. They were originally bred in Germany, at some point in the 1800s, as hunting dogs known for their endurance and ability to track. The breed was favored by nobles, and these dogs originally hunted larger game such as bear and deer, according to the Weimaraner Club of America. Eventually, they became bird dogs, an activity some members of the breed still partake with their owners in today.

Different Shades of Gray

The Weimaraner earns the nickname of “gray ghost” because dogs of this breed only come in varying shades of grey, ranging from a darker, stormy grey to a light, silvery color. These dogs have a large build, with males weighing between 70 and 90 pounds and females weighing between 55 and 75 pounds, but they carry their muscular frames with grace.
The grey coat of the Weimaraner is silky and close to the skin. You do not have to worry about trimming their fur to keep it in line, but occasional brushing will help to reduce shedding. Like any other breed, proper dental hygiene, nail trimming, and ear cleaning are important for keeping a Weimaraner in good health.

A Playful Personality

Though the Weimaraner may be ghostly in appearance, a couple minutes with one of these dogs is enough to know they are anything but quiet or hard to spot. When you live with one, you may find that they do haunt your steps in an attempt to capture your attention.
Weimaraners are active, playful dogs that form strong attachments with their owners. They are an intelligent breed that does not fare well with long stretches of inactivity or alone time.

Life with a Weimaraner

Like other breeds in the sporting group, Weimaraners have not outgrown their hunting roots. This does not mean you need to take up hunting as a hobby, but it does mean you need to find appropriate outlets for the dog’s drive and energy. Retrieval, agility training, swimming, and other vigorous physical activities will help keep a Weimaraner happy, healthy, and well behaved at home.
Prospective pet owners in the Midwest can connect with rescue organizations like Great Lakes Weimaraner Rescue if they are interested in adopting one of these gray pups. This rescue works to rehome dogs of this breed in states like Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin.


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