Boxer: A Breed Guide

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The Loyal Boxer:  A Breed Guide

Boxer breed name might sound pugilistic, but these dogs are more about playing than fighting. These dogs are known for their soulful brown eyes, droopy jowls and loving nature. Is the Boxer the right breed for you? Take a closer look that their lineage, personality and care requirements.
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The Boxer’s Past

Boxers are related to bulldog breeds. Their ancestors date back to the Middle Ages, often used as hunting dogs, according to the American Boxer Club. The modern Boxer was developed in Germany.  These dogs were first introduced to the United States after World War I, according to the AKC.
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Physical Profile

Boxers are solidly built dogs with long legs and muscular bodies. Males weigh between 65 and 80 pounds, while females tend to be about 15 pounds lighter, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC). The breed has an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years, becoming fiercely attached to their owners during that time.
Boxers have very short coats, giving them a sleek appearance. Without a large fluffy coat, they do not need an intensive grooming regimen. But, the light coat does mean they may need to wear some extra protection in cold weather. The boxer coat comes in different colors, the main two being fawn (a light tan) or brindle (a dark brown with streaks of tan), according to The Spruce Pets. They can also have black markings, like a mask on their faces, and white splashes of fur on their bodies.
The ears are another recognizable feature of the Boxer. Some breeders crop the dogs’ ears, resulting in a pointy appearance. In other cases, the dogs’ ears are left intact, which has a more floppy appearance. The practice of cropping is controversial, and it is largely considered cosmetic. While legal in the United States, it is banned in many other countries, according to All Boxer Info.
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Quirks of the Breed

Boxers are a bouncy breed. Many people love their enthusiasm, but you need to keep in mind that strangers or people unused to dogs might be a little overwhelmed by their jumpy greetings. Proper training can help keep some of that joyful energy in check. With that high level of energy, you will need to spend time every day exercising your Boxer.
While an exuberant breed, Boxers are known for getting along with children. They become very attached to and protective of their families.
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A Boxer at Home

While Boxers can fit right in at a home with children, it is important to invest time in proper training. Active dogs can easily knock over small children by mistake. An intelligent breed, Boxers may be a little stubborn when it comes to training. Maintain a consistent training schedule and reward good behavior. A well-exercised and trained Boxer will be happy to spend time with the whole family.
As is the case with many other breeds, there are rescue organizations dedicated to the Boxer. If you are interested in adopting, the nonprofit rescue group Boxer Rebound is located about an hour and a half north of Chicago.
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Written by Carrie Pallardy

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